The many delights of Fresh Turmeric


Recently we were lucky enough to score some of the amazing, earthy sunshine that are organic turmeric rhizomes.

So much goodness in this plant! But like many harvests, when it rains it pours. Here’s what we did with ours.  Continue reading

The 2015 Permaculture Calendar is go!

2015 Permaculture Calendar - 5

Hooray for the 2015 Permaculture Calendar! Once again the crew at have created a beautiful and intimate calendar that is packed with useful info and also just plain lovely to have on your wall.

And yes, it also has the best cover boy of all time (not that we’re biased or anything) – namely our little dude, harvesting shiitake mushrooms from our home patch.  Continue reading

Permaculture Futures: Green Up Top

Green Up Top

Next in our lineup of Permaculture Design Course grads are Michael Zagoridis and Emma Bowen from Green Up Top – a social enterprise dedicated to farming pockets of Sydney’s inner-urban suburbs.

Zag went on to do a market gardening internship with us at our farm, and these days, there’s no stopping these two pocket rockets of goodness!  Continue reading

Madeira Vine: an ironic Harvest

1407 madeira vine - 01

Now that we’re gardening in a frost-free area we have to get acquainted with a new bunch of sub tropical-ish weeds. This week, it’s been all about the Madeira Vine. In our new garden, the stuff is everywhere.

Look up Madeira vine and you will find gazillions of references to its invasive and terrible habits. But did you know that it’s edible?  Continue reading

Snowy times at Tim’s Warre Apiary

1407 snw on warres - 01

One of the gorgeous features of a Warré Hive is their cute gabled roofs. In Australia, those gables help primarily with insulating the hive from extreme heat (and therefore lowering colony stress) by providing circulation.

The Warré Hive was, however, developed in France – and those beautiful gabled roofs were originally designed for winter snows! Which is exactly what our friends at Malfroy’s Gold Warré apiary in Rocklea had a bunch of this week…  Continue reading

Help us build The Open Food Network!

Ok folks, we’re excited about this one: an Aussie-initiated open source food network dedicated to connecting producers with consumers, every which way you can imagine.

Yes, I know. There are a lot of these kinda ideas out there. They’ve all got their hearts in the right place. But we rekon THIS ONE has not only legs, but some seriously amazing potential.  Continue reading

Our 5 Fave Market Gardening tools: Allsun Farm


When it comes to learning market gardening from the experts, we think Michael and Joyce from Allsun Farm are up there with the best.

They walked us through setting up our original market garden at the old Milkwood property in Mudgee many years ago, and are still teaching our Organic Market Gardening Masterclass at their thriving productive property in Gundaroo, NSW.  Continue reading

What we learned this week: Amazonian Fungi + Gummy Pigs


Hey folks, we’re trying a new thingy. Like many out there, I love (like, really love) finding out about good news and articles that (generally) sit squarely outside the mainstream media.

But I don’t want to spend my life glued to the screen in order to find it all.

So, incase this is you too, I thought we’d write a weekly round-up of excellent bits and pieces we’ve discussed and heard about in our weekly process of milkwooding. Here goes…  Continue reading

A Fab day of Fermenting (and a Kimchi recipe)


A few Sundays back, we took over a guestaurant in Redfern to get messy. Cabbage was chopped, vegetables were brined, milk was kefir-ed, kombucha was drunk and much was learned.

All in the glorious undertaking of learning how to use fermentation to make healthful and seriously delicious stuff out of simple fresh ingredients. Triple yum.  Continue reading

Researching: DIY vertical garden ideas that actually look good


DIY vertical gardens

One of the wonderful things about permaculture design is that with every new project comes a new challenge and the search for a great solution that ticks all the boxes.

That’s where we are at the moment.  Continue reading


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