Spring Greens at Allsun Farm

1411 Allsun course - 01

Allsun Farm’s market garden down at Gundaroo is like this little magic pocket of green in the middle of the scrub.

A secret garden you can eat, if you like.  Continue reading

Announcing our Summer Permaculture Design Course

1410 PDC announcement - 01

This January we’re going to be christening the 107 Rooftop Garden Workshop with a Permaculture Design Course held right in the center of Sydney.

As always, it will be two weeks of intensive permaculture design that will activate a new crew of students of all stripes with the skills and knowledge to be the change their communities need!  Continue reading

5 really scrummy Things To Do with Berries this Summer


It’s coming up to berry season, folks! There is nothing quite as good as eating a handful of summer berries picked at their seasonal best.

You can taste the summer sun in their tiny delicate bodies, all the while wondering how nature could get them so deliciously perfect.

Continue reading

Mushrooms, Labneh + Cardboard Telescopes

1410 blog - 01

It’s been a month of growing, building, adventuring and making in these parts. And I’m slightly bemused to say that life is no less crazy living in a town than it is on a farm.

But much of the craziness is good, in the forms of rabid broccoli growth, mushrooms everywhere, and adventuring with hand drawn maps.  Continue reading

Visiting: Autumn Farm, Bega

1410 visiting autumn farm - 15

While we were down Bega way at the South East Permaculture Convergence recently, Ashar and I got a chance to hang with my friend Annie at her family’s little patch of paradise, Autumn Farm.

Autumn Farm prettymuch sums up simple living, for me. A home grown, low impact, hand-made life. With a right livelihood to cover the essentials.

Continue reading

Photos: Our Spring Intro to Market Gardening course

Intro to Market Gardening | Milkwood Permaculture, 13 Sep 2014.

Spring is for new beginnings, and new plans. And new gardens, too. And for learning – always learning.

This Spring was the first time we’d run an Intro to Organic Market Gardening course somewhere other than our own farm. New farms, new fields, new folks.  Continue reading

Natural Beekeeping Q&A in Katoomba

NBK - hands with comb

Hey Blue Mountains crew! Just a note that Tim is squeezing in a morning’s Q&A on November 15th at Katoomba.

Like our city Q&A, this will be a great chance to ask those burning beekeeping questions you have AND meet other natural beekeepers and organise to swap knowledge, tools and skills amongst a local network of folks doing good things.

Details are here: Natural Beekeeping Q&A: Nov 15: Katoomba

Visiting: Gabe’s small-scale mushroom startup

1410 gabe's mushrooms - 01

One of the most delightful things that comes out of our courses is when we hear stories months, or sometimes years, later about students heading off to start their own enterprises based on what they’ve learnt.

Even better when that comes full circle and those students start supplying us with materials to teach the next lot of students – as happened recently!  Continue reading

Getting that Soil Up Top

1409 soil up top - 01

We did it! All of us! There’s nothing quite so awesome as when folks come together with a common goal. It’s the essence of people power.

Last Saturday, with the help of over 40 beautiful, hard working humans, we lifted 12 cubic meters of soil from the ground floor up to the 107 Rooftop Garden – with buckets, shovels, sweat and community.  Continue reading

Making: Brydie’s Sneaky Sourdough (easy Low Yeast Bread)

crusty loaves - Brydie Piaf

It’s pretty hard to beat the smell of freshly baked bread at dawn…

Continue reading


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