All of Summer is now stored…


There comes a point in every Autumn when the tomatoes are finally, finally done. We’ve passata-ed and dried and preserved and cooked to the point where all of summer is stored, and on the shelf.

Last weekend was our final session of tomato squishery (and drying) before the garden gets packed down for its winter sleep beneath the frost…  Continue reading

Making a Bathroom Mushroom House (the good kind)


If you haven’t given the joy of home-grown organic mushroom cultivation a go yet due to lack of space that is relatively stable in temperature and high humidity, it might be time you had a little rethink.

What if we told you that everyone had an ideal spot in their home for growing mushrooms. You’re in an apartment? Yep, you have one. Live in a dry environment? You still have a great spot.  Continue reading

Announcing: Permaculture Teacher Training this August

1408 PTT 1

We are very excited to announce that come August we’ll be running another Permaculture Teacher Training with the one and only Rosemary Morrow.

This is an intensive course designed to empower students to become downright excellent teachers of permaculture  and holistic design in all sorts of contexts; straight up short courses, kitchen garden programs, community building programs, you name it…  Continue reading

Windowsill Farming with Microgreens


Packing a nutritional punch and super easy to grow in spaces as small as windowsills, there’s a lot to love about microgreens.

Simply put, these baby plants are vegetable, greens and herb seedlings, harvested at just a week or two old.  Continue reading

‘Oaks Organics’ Keyline Farm field trip: May 4th


Want to check out a keyline farm designed by P.A. Yeomans in western Sydney? Here’s your chance.

As part of  The Yeomans Project, our friends Lucas and Ian are hosting a field trip to the extremely interesting property ‘Oaks Orgaincs’ on May 4th…  Continue reading

Magic Beans

1404 magic beans - 1

Purple Kings are one of our favourite bean crops – they’re hardy, prolific and darn tasty.

But the best bit is that they turn green when cooked. Magic beans!  Continue reading

Spencer Cocoa: Chocolate with an ethical Center (and a giveaway)


It’s nearly chocolate season, my friends. But what constitutes ethical chocolate these days? It’s pretty hard to tell. Take a peek at this incredible family of chocolateers, doing it right.

In a backyard shed set in a lush vegetable garden in Mudgee is Spencer Cocoa, a single origin chocolate company with the best bean-to-bar story you’re ever likely to chew on.  Continue reading

Five of our favourite Plant Databases


Choosing the right plant for the right spot, working with its behaviours and getting it to cooperate with others can be a little difficult at times.

Before you go getting yourself a little too lost in the world of plants (actually that sounds pretty darn good) take a look at these five plant databases… Continue reading

How to plant a tree, Milkwood style

1403 pdc treeplant01 Planting a tree is a simple act. But, as we’ve learned on a site that’s sometimes less-than-welcoming to tree establishment, there’s ways, and there’s ways that work.

Last week, with our Permaculture Design Course students, we planted oak trees. And for this site, there needs to be a little more involved than poking holes in the ground and inserting acorns into them…  Continue reading

Want extra Vitamin D? Place your shiitake mushrooms in sunlight…

milkwood shiitakes vitD1

As if growing your own mushrooms wasn’t excellent enough, there’s also a way you can further increase their Vitamin D content… simply by putting them in sunlight.

And not increase that Vitamin D by a little bit, either. We’re talking a bigtime boost in nutrition here.

Continue reading


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