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In which We Get Planting…

1408 new veggie patch - 10

The kitchen garden is an essential part of any life lived in a house with a yard, in my opinion.

I love the small cycles it brings us closer to with the ebb and flow of growth, flower and fruit. The dry and the wet. And the crunch of harvest.

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Would you like to win a Patch from Scratch?

patch from scratch 1

So this is exciting – we’re teaming up with Organic Gardener Magazine to offer a Permaculture Garden Makeover for one lucky duck – who wants in?

The competition is Australia wide and entries close 30th September, so get writing on your entries, people! So much goodness in this one…  Continue reading

Our 5 Fave Market Gardening tools: Allsun Farm


When it comes to learning market gardening from the experts, we think Michael and Joyce from Allsun Farm are up there with the best.

They walked us through setting up our original market garden at the old Milkwood property in Mudgee many years ago, and are still teaching our Organic Market Gardening Masterclass at their thriving productive property in Gundaroo, NSW.  Continue reading

Permaculture futures: Urban GreenSpace


Most of us know all too well that our cities could do with more green space.

Adding flora to our concrete jungles has proven to bring huge benefits to our physical health by lowering overall temperatures, reducing pollution, and buffering noise.

Green Space is also super for our mental health – creating space where communities can be strengthened, and anxieties are lowered.  Continue reading

Community Supported Agriculture at Transition Farm, VIC


The term CSA – Community Supported Agriculture – gets used a fair bit in this country, sometimes referring (incorrectly) to veggie box schemes filled with veg from far and wide.

But in reality, we have very few true CSAs in Australia; hence our limited understanding of what one is, and why they can be so valuable to their communities. Time to shine a light! Continue reading

Our favourite (Instagram) Farmers

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 12.02.01 pm

For every green smoothie, garland-wearing dog and perfect sunset on Instagram that creates a bizarre parallel universe of sunshiny perfection, there’s also a small farmer or two posting downright useful images.

As it turns out, instagram is also a good place to take inspiration from how other peoples crops are doing. And what their truck looks like, when it’s bogged. And how they grow clean food, the way it should be done… Continue reading

Foraging: Warrigal Greens


Warrigal Greens (Tetragonia tetragonioides) are also known as Botany Bay Spinach or Sea Spinach, and grow wild along the coast of Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Japan and Argentina.

If you’re in these parts, you can find it where the sand meets the soil, or you can cultivate it too – it’s a hardy and delicious addition to any garden.  Continue reading

Good Dirt and Veggie Gardening at Buena Vista Farm

Compost making - Serious Backyard Veggies at Buena Vista Farm

Recently we held a Serious Backyard Veggies course at Buena Vista Farm in Gerringong, south of Sydney.

It was not what your would call a calm, sunny and dry weekend – but the learning was great, the setting most beautiful and the food most scrumptious. So nobody seemed to mind.  Continue reading

5 fave organic market gardening tools: Michael Hewins

learning to use the seeder in the milkwood market garden

A organic market gardener’s toolkit is their best friend – the right tools can turn a 50 minute job into a five minute one.

There’s a huge range of tools that can be put to valuable use in a market garden, but there certainly seems to be a certain bunch that tend to get pulled out of the shed day-to-day and put to good use – the old faithfuls if you will.  Continue reading

Winter Greens: what to plant right now


Suddenly, here, the nights are colder and the air crisper. As we ease on into another winter we’re getting ready to plant greens.

It’s good fortune really that the abundance of greens that we can grow in the colder months are full of nutrition!  Continue reading


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