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Mushrooms, Labneh + Cardboard Telescopes

1410 blog - 01

It’s been a month of growing, building, adventuring and making in these parts. And I’m slightly bemused to say that life is no less crazy living in a town than it is on a farm.

But much of the craziness is good, in the forms of rabid broccoli growth, mushrooms everywhere, and adventuring with hand drawn maps.  Continue reading

Visiting: Gabe’s small-scale mushroom startup

1410 gabe's mushrooms - 01

One of the most delightful things that comes out of our courses is when we hear stories months, or sometimes years, later about students heading off to start their own enterprises based on what they’ve learnt.

Even better when that comes full circle and those students start supplying us with materials to teach the next lot of students – as happened recently!  Continue reading

Gary’s Bucket Culture: Mushroom Cultivation Stories

Blue oyster beauties...

Growing mushrooms in stackable buckets is an excellent space-saving cultivation technique, and perfect for anyone with limited space to get growing.

Gary did our Gourmet Mushroom Cultivation course in March, and since then he’s ramped up to an impressive little DIY mushroom bucket cultivation setup… Continue reading

DIY Mushroom Cultivation: The Culture

mushroom cultivation culture01

Growing mushrooms at home might appear a little tricky when you’re starting out.

And granted, sometimes it can be. But it can also be super easy., if you take it one step at a time. Continue reading

Making a Bathroom Mushroom House (the good kind)


If you haven’t given the joy of home-grown organic mushroom cultivation a go yet due to lack of space that is relatively stable in temperature and high humidity, it might be time you had a little rethink.

What if we told you that everyone had an ideal spot in their home for growing mushrooms. You’re in an apartment? Yep, you have one. Live in a dry environment? You still have a great spot.  Continue reading

Want extra Vitamin D? Place your shiitake mushrooms in sunlight…

milkwood shiitakes vitD1

As if growing your own mushrooms wasn’t excellent enough, there’s also a way you can further increase their Vitamin D content… simply by putting them in sunlight.

And not increase that Vitamin D by a little bit, either. We’re talking a bigtime boost in nutrition here.

Continue reading

Home-grown Shiitake Logs: harvest time

140321 shiitake harvest01

Growing shiitakes on logs is a great idea for any backyard or small farm food system. Partly because after the burst of work needed at the start, you don’t need to think about them for a fair while, until they’re ready.

Then there’s the main reason that shiitake logs are a great idea. Because eventually, one rainy day, you get shiitakes. Oh so good…  Continue reading

How to go Mushroom Foraging this Autumn (if you live near Sydney)

‘Tis the season to go shrooming! Autumn is the time of year that all the pine mushrooms pop their heads up on the forest floor, offering a feast of fungi goodness.

But how do you do it? How do you know what to pick and what to avoid? Aha. There are ways, my friends. And here’s two good ones…  Continue reading

How to: Make Spore Prints

Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 4.09.35 PM

Making spore prints is like seed saving for Mushrooms, as it were.

And not only are spore prints an easy and fun way to get to know mushrooms, if you chose to do it carefully, they’re also a very cheap way to cultivate more mushrooms at home…  Continue reading

Upcoming: Mushroom Cultivation Workshop

mcw 076

Do you want to learn the way of the ‘shroom? It’s quite within your capacity, really. Like many DIY projects, once you get going with the right advice and know-how, things get growing!

We’re running a Mushroom Cultivation Workshop on 16 – 17 November in Sydney to skill folks up in the many ways you can get your mushroom on, at home.  Continue reading


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