About us

Milkwood is a family-based social enterprise. We’re dedicated to best-practice homesteading education and skills for city and country. We work between our farm in Mudgee and our closest city: Sydney on the east coast of Australia.

Our mission is to skill-up folks living in urban and rural communities with hands-on knowledge to live simply and well, while regenerating the communities and landscapes around them.

We do this by providing tons of great free resources on this here blog, and with short and longer face-to-face courses in everything from natural beekeeping to permaculture design.

We work with the best teachers we can find. People who are not only walking the talk, but are also skilled, humble and awesome communicators, who can empower students to make the most of their new knowledge.

Who we all are:

  • Nick Ritar: director, education, teacher
  • Kirsten Bradley: director, education, marketing
  • Trev Bamford: student services, enterprise process
  • Adam Kennedy: course facilitator, urban projects
  • Michael Hewins: market gardener, teacher
  • Floyd Constable: farm manager, teacher
  • Gianna Bonis: course facilitator, project manager
  • Ashar Fox Bradley Ritar: farm boy, perpetual energy machine

Who is where: Kirsten, Nick and Ashar live at Milkwood Farm in the tinyhouse. Michael, Floyd and Gianna are also currently based at Milkwood Farm. Trevor is based in Tasmania, Adam in Sydney. We talk alot, to stay connected. Together, we do awesome things.

The wider Milkwood network:

Beyond our core crew, we are honored to work with many esteemed educators and practitioners in permaculture and regenerative agriculture on a regular basis, as well as the seasonal flow of amazing interns and wwoofers that join us at Milkwood Farm to skill up in permaculture and regenerative agriculture, and our incredible (and growing) student alumni.

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