Seed Saving 101 Workshop: Occupying the Seed

On Saturday the 13 October we’ll be running a special workshop in Sydney with Jude and Michel Fanton from The Seedsavers, as part of the Seed Freedom fortnight of action, which is happening worldwide from October 2-16.

This day will be a seed saving 101 meets intensive day of discussion about the global state of seed sovereignty. It will be excellent, we’ll all learn bucketloads from both the Fantons’ and each other, and we’ll all go away with new friends and skills. 

I had the great pleasure to meet Michel and Jude Fanton a couple of months ago, and their warmth and depth of knowledge was really inspiring. As is Dr Vandana Shiva and her seed sovereignty work (to put it mildly).

As is all the seed sovereignty projects, large and small, going on across our planet, preserving locally adapted, resilient varieties of everything from potatoes to rice to mushrooms and glass gem corn

All proceeds from this workshop will go towards community seed network projects, as part of Milkwood’s fair share charter.

So if you can, please join us in Sydney on the 13th October. Guaranteed to be a cracker of a day for everyone involved. Please tell anyone you think might enjoy skilling up (or just getting to meet the Fantons) in something that is so very important to the future resilience of all our communities.

Jude and Michel Fanton (with perpetual leeks), who have been rockin the seed saving scene of Australia since 1986. Lots to learn from these beautiful humble folk.

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