Humanure Artists with Grunt: Cloacina

Portland Composting System © Cloacina

As Nick found out when researching for his TEDx Canberra talk on how to save the world with humanure, it’s hard to find good pictures of poo. You may not believe it, but not many folks draw poo very well. Nor the nutrient cycles they interface with. Enter arts collective Cloacina!

Am I the only one who gets excited about beautiful posters of composting toilet systems? Surely not. But then, I get excited about any regenerative system that’s described really well in an evocative way. Particularly in a visual way. With watercolours.

So we just received our complete edition of Cloacina’s poster works in the post. They. are. awesome. I can’t wait to mount them and hang them up in the woolshed. And perfect christmas gifts for the (not sure who, insert here) who has everything…

The Nitrogen Cycle © Cloacina

Toilets of the world. © Cloacina

Prominent Decomposers. © Cloacina

Aerobic Decomposition © Cloacina

Portland Sewer System © Cloacina

Portland Composting System © Cloacina

In addition to their fab poster work, it looks like Cloacina is continuing to make art projects around humanure, nutrients and waste streams. You know you’ve really made it in the art world when you find yourself attending the National Eco-toilet summit. Seriously, that summit would be fascinating.

Incidentally, in Roman mythology, Cloacina (Latin, cloaca: “sewer” or “drain”) was the goddess who presided over the Cloaca Maxima (“Great Drain”), the main trunk of the system of sewers in Rome. She was originally derived from Etruscan mythology.

As well as controlling sewers, she was also a protector of sexual intercourse in marriage. Despite her Etruscan origins, she later became identified with Venus – source: wikipedia.

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    Awesome! I think they’d be great to hang on the back of the toilet walls/ doors… until we get our own composting toilet system set up… one day!

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