How to make Compost: Pt.3

And so here is the final product – three weeks on from the beginning, and 9 days on from the middle of the compost making process. Pretty impressive for three weeks worth of microbial action, don’t you rekon?

I should mention at this point that the method we used is officially know as the ‘Berkley Method ‘ of composting… it’s the composting method most commonly taught in Permaculture, because it gets things going on without further ado. And using the compost calculator ensures that your C:N ratios start out as they should. And we can all use all the compost we can get… as soon as we can get it…

By January, I want to be starting one pile a week. Turning compost early in the morning with the birds a-singin’ and the sun a-risin’ is a very good bout of exercise and the best pre-breakfast activity I think a girl (or boy) could have… and at the end of the process, you’ve created living, breathing soil. Or the basis of life as we know it. In just three weeks!

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  1. mike gill
    Posted February 16, 2012 at 5:06 am | Permalink | Reply

    The video mentioned a compost calculator on the website but I’ve been unable to find it. would it be possible to send the link? Thanks….Mike, a Texas newbie trying to do the right thing

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