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5 ideas to kickstart your Urban Permaculture

5 things

Think you’ve got no room to grow? Sure you do.

If you have a bathroom, a kitchen bench or just an steely resolve, you’ve got what it takes for growing urban goodness…  Continue reading

Urban Stingless Beehive: harvesting and splitting

1310 stingless split 22

Australian native stingless bees are similar to european honeybees in many ways, but they’re also very different, too.

This week I was lucky enough to attend a harvest and a hive split of these amazing social insects, in a inner-city backyard in Sydney…  Continue reading

Get ready: we’re presenting Allan Savory in August


Milkwood is extremely excited to announce that we’re presenting Allan Savory, founder of Holistic Management, for a series of talks and seminars in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne this coming August.

Alongside our long-time collaborators Kym and Georgie of RegenAG, we’re charged with presenting Holistic Management for what it is: a key tool for reversing desertification and healing climate change. Right now. On this Planet Earth.  Continue reading

Costa’s Verge Garden

Following on from a whole street of verge gardens is another verge garden in Sydney that is using verge plantings as a great way of cultivating community.

Costa and his verge needs little introduction, since his garden gets featured weekly on national television as part of Gardening Australia. What I like best about this verge garden is how it is truly helping to create community in a rather underutilized street of spacious verges. Continue reading

Part-Time PDC in Sydney starts 17th March

Just a note that we’re running a part-time Permaculture Design Course in Sydney that starts on the weekend of the 17th March. It’s in a one day a week format (you chose from Saturday or Sunday class, no class on the Easter weekend), and it’s going to be great.

This will be our third part-time PDC in Sydney, and it’s an awesome format to study permaculture in if you live in Sydney and can’t get away (or take time off) for a two-week intensive PDC. Continue reading

Two weeks of Urban Permaculture, in pictures…

Right now Nick’s in the the middle of teaching Milkwood Permaculture’s annual summer Urban Permaculture Design Certificate in Sydney, which is always a fabulous two weeks. This year, we have the wonderful Cathy X as one of the students, and she’s documenting the process in pictures.

I love this course. It’s so similar, yet so different to the PDCs we run at Milkwood Farm – same core curriculum, principles and Nick’s fabulous + infectious energy, but realized in the middle of the city, instead of way out in the backwoods. And once again we’re blessed to have an awesome group of students to work with for 2 weeks. Continue reading

Cross stitch permaculture

Our current permaculture design course in Sydney is producing a heap of exciting, creative and actually doable urban design, but not as you might know it. 40 urban folks have taken up paper and software, and also cross-stitch and dioramas to help them re-imagine home.

I love watching people design. Especially people who are thinking holistically, thanks to good information. Every time we run a permaculture design course, no matter where it is, we see the results of a group of switched-on folks who have re-designed their known spaces with permaculture principles in mind…

Continue reading

Aquaponics at Kimbriki EcoHouse

Last weekend we ran an Aquaponics workshop in the middle of a landfill site. But a landfill site with a difference. Kimbriki is a strange little valley on the north shore of Sydney that is at once apocalyptic and regenerative. It’s a landfill site, it’s a massive composting operation, and it’s a recycling center. With added fish!

The aquaponics setup is within the gardens of the Kimbriki Ecohouse, which sits like a little oasis in the middle of a cataclysm of large machinery, trucks, noise, and the refuse of Australia’s largest city. What a nice place to spend the weekend. No really, it is. Continue reading

A soggy but scintillating permablitz

Last Monday we arrived at a soggy sports field early in the morning. We had a trailer-load of lucerne hay, 6 fejoa trees, masses of herbs and cuttings and one thing on our minds. Permablitz.

Would anyone else show up on such an unfriendly, rainy public holiday in winter? Unlikely. But in our heart of hearts, we hoped they would. And you know what? They did. Over 40 fabulous folks turned up to dig, plant, shovel, learn, and grow some community… Continue reading

Come to our annual Sydney Permablitz!

Join us for a fabulous day of digging, planting, learning and growing, with our annual Alexandria Park Permablitz!

10 – 4pm: Monday 13th June: Alexandria Park Community Garden, Alexandria, Sydney.

Everyone is welcome, with light lunch and organic fruit provided. Bring your gloves, your boots, your kids, your dad & your water bottle, and expect to have big day of dirty clean fun. Continue reading


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