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4 Free Workshops at the MCA in Sydney


We’re curating a series of ‘Club Nights’ for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney this January… and the theme is (wait for it) Permaculture!

The fun starts this Thursday the 9th at 6pm. Here’s what we have planned for you…  Continue reading

Seed Circus: all the details

seed circus workshops

Right! The workshops are up: seed saving, city foraging, tortilla making – yep, it’s all happening at our Seed Circus this Sunday at 107 Redfern St…

And then, of course, there’s the ongoing swapmeet – a day of fearless barter of absolutely everything. What will you arrive with? What will you leave with? These are big questions. We’ve got a car full of dried apples and preserved everything, ready to go. So, what are you bringing? Continue reading

Seed Circus: 5 May: Sydney

seed circus 500

Roll up, roll up! Do you want to learn about seed saving? Or foraging for edible weeds?

Do you want to swap your way from a scarf to chilli sauce? How about swapping your way from bean seeds to bicycle parts, via seed potatoes?  Continue reading

Seed Freedom: The Seed Savers in conversation with Costa

At the risk of creating a series of seedy posts, just thought I better mention the other Seed Freedom event we’re running: The Seed Savers in conversation with Costa, in Redfern on the evening of the 12th Oct.

I only put it up last night but it’s already 4/5 full. It’s heartening to know that seed saving floats so many people’s boats! It will be an amazing night so it you’re near Sydney, please rsvp and we’ll see you there.

Seed Saving 101 Workshop: Occupying the Seed

On Saturday the 13 October we’ll be running a special workshop in Sydney with Jude and Michel Fanton from The Seedsavers, as part of the Seed Freedom fortnight of action, which is happening worldwide from October 2-16.

This day will be a seed saving 101 meets intensive day of discussion about the global state of seed sovereignty. It will be excellent, we’ll all learn bucketloads from both the Fantons’ and each other, and we’ll all go away with new friends and skills.  Continue reading

How to Breed slow-to-bolt Coriander for your climate

We love growing coriander for its many benefits and its flavor, but in our climate it just bolts so quickly, it’s a blink-and-you’ll miss it affair. Fortunately the fabulous Meg McGowan showed up at last weekend’s Aquaponics Workshop with a simple, doable solution to breeding slow to bolt coriander for any climate…

Continue reading

Meeting The Seed Savers, Jude + Michel Fanton

In a small house in Byron Bay, surrounded by lush gardens sporting edible plants from ever continent on earth, live two of Australia’s living legends. No truly, I’m not being romantic – if i can achieve but a fraction of what these folks have done to create resilience for future generations, I’ll die happy.

Jude and Michel Fanton founded The SeedSavers in Australia in 1986 to preserve local varieties of useful plants, and have since played a crucial role in over 37 countries, within communities and networks motivated to preserve seed sovereignty. Recently I was luck enough to visit them…  Continue reading

Interview with Nick Ritar about Glass Gem Corn

Yesterday  Nick got interviewed about that viral image of Glass Gem Corn, and why the response has been so great: “When you first look at that photo it is beautiful, then there’s a realisation for people where it clicks: “That’s real.”

This is a corn that’s been developed over thousands of years and there’s a level of connection running back through human culture,” he said. Continue reading


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