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A Fab day of Fermenting (and a Kimchi recipe)


A few Sundays back, we took over a guestaurant in Redfern to get messy. Cabbage was chopped, vegetables were brined, milk was kefir-ed, kombucha was drunk and much was learned.

All in the glorious undertaking of learning how to use fermentation to make healthful and seriously delicious stuff out of simple fresh ingredients. Triple yum.  Continue reading

The Kraut is where it’s at

The red cabbage sauerkraut that Rose made recently is a beautiful thing, and we’re consuming it daily. It’s sour and it’s crunchy, and it’s complimenting many a meal here at the farm this spring, from potato curries through to our first home-grown roast pork dinner last weekend… here’s the last of the good stuff, moved out of the crockpot and into a jar in the fridge. What’s next for the crockpot? Hmm. Anyone tried Cima di Rapa ferments?

When in doubt, Sauerkraut

How to make the most of the late brassica harvest? Sauerkraut! Fermented cabbage is a hard thing not to love. It’s spicy and it’s sour and it looks beautiful too, especially made with your own red cabbages.

The cabbage harvest was not what we’d hoped for, with lots of half-headed cabbages that were obviously perfect for… something. So when in doubt, sauerkraut. Because ferment takes any vegetable and makes it better. Continue reading


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