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The Kraut is where it’s at

The red cabbage sauerkraut that Rose made recently is a beautiful thing, and we’re consuming it daily. It’s sour and it’s crunchy, and it’s complimenting many a meal here at the farm this spring, from potato curries through to our first home-grown roast pork dinner last weekend… here’s the last of the good stuff, moved out of the crockpot and into a jar in the fridge. What’s next for the crockpot? Hmm. Anyone tried Cima di Rapa ferments?

When in doubt, Sauerkraut

How to make the most of the late brassica harvest? Sauerkraut! Fermented cabbage is a hard thing not to love. It’s spicy and it’s sour and it looks beautiful too, especially made with your own red cabbages.

The cabbage harvest was not what we’d hoped for, with lots of half-headed cabbages that were obviously perfect for… something. So when in doubt, sauerkraut. Because ferment takes any vegetable and makes it better. Continue reading

Radical Ferment: Beetroot and Radish Kimchi

I can now proudly report that the beetroot and radish kimchi has been a success. And it tastes delightful. Kimchi is normally a spicy cabbage-based Korean ferment, but Rose decided to get a little radical, and use what we had in season.

Previously in Spring, Rose had tried making bok choi kimchi, which did work, but was, well, rather full of bok choi. But I knew from the start that beetroot and radish kim chi was going to rock. And it does. Here’s how Rose did it… Continue reading

There’s always a first time for Passata…

And I think all in all, it went pretty well. Ever since the gazillions of tomato plants (in numerous heritage varieties) were planted in the Milkwood Market Garden, we’ve been waiting for this great day. The inaugural squishing of the harvest.

And check out our new, fancy-pants passata machine! In the spirit of multi-function, it also transforms into a meat mincer and a juicer, so we can harvest every which way. And harvest we will…

Continue reading

Milkwood Market Garden: the first 5 months

It seems unbelievable that only 5 months ago our now abundant market garden was a scruffy bare creek flat. But it’s true! And now we’ve got produce coming out our ears, thanks to many fabulous folks coming together to make it so.

Up in the hills as we are, it’s a bit of a harsh climate for growing stuff. About 4 frost free months for growing only, poor soils, 600mm annual rainfall, crazy dry winds, etc and so on. We’re not complaining, but I’d just like to flag that this is a garden created in non-ideal conditions. Except for gumption. We’ve got plenty of that.

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Tick Tock, it’s Tomato a-clock!

The last danger of frosts have passed – finally. It is officially time to plant tomatoes at Milkwood. And plant them we did. Oh yes, how we did.

The plan here is to be awash in tomatoes by early February. We want tomatoes coming out our ears and out our toes. At which point there will be an impromptu passata festival, where all the tomatoes get squished into a year’s worth of pasta sauce. But first we have to grow them… Continue reading

Rose the Permaculture Chef, and other miracles…

Last winter, we decided we needed a dedicated on-farm cook while Milkwood Farm is open (Spring-Autumn). I love cooking, but it was all getting a bit much. Interns, students, wwoofers and guests, all needing to be fed good food, every single day.

We’ve tried me doing all the cooking. That worked until Ashar was too old to happily hang out on my back all the time. We’ve tried cooking rosters, we’ve tried catering. But clearly what we needed was a dedicated person who would joyfully cook with whatever we had available, and keep everyone fed and happy. Enter Rose.

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