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Announcing a Rocket Stove Prototype Workshop with Ernie and Erica Wisner

We are very excited to announce that we’ll be hosting Ernie and Erica Wisner in April for a Rocket Stove Prototype Workshop! Anyone familiar with Milkwood knows how we feel about rocket stove technology, and many of our wider network are the cleaner for it, thanks to our rocket powered shower.

Ernie and Erica Wisner are two US based, world-class pyros who specialise in rocket stove, fire science and cob oven education. And they’re coming to Milkwood Farm for a 2-day intensive on how to build a bunch of different rocket stove technologies. Continue reading

Rocket Stove Water Heater Redux

Rocket stoves are awesome, experimental, and a knowledge stream in flux. Or ours is, at any rate. Our rocket stove water heater has been doing its thing for nearly 3 years now, so we decided to take it apart and do a full examination of how it had fared.

So Nick and our current permaculture interns set to work completely dis-mantling the rocket stove water heater and examining all its components. We made new discoveries and adjustments,  put it all back together, and then covered the whole thing with mud. Continue reading

Our rocket stove water heater: 2.5 years on

*Update* – Since writing this article, we’ve deconstructed, improved, reconstructed and cobbed this rocket stove. Have a look here.

Way back in the summer of 2009, we built a rocket stove water heater so we could have hot showers at Milkwood. What a revolution. And 2.5 years later, our rocket powered shower is, surprisingly, still going strong.

Since we get a lot of questions (and comments from warm, clean farm visitors) about this home-made hot water rig, I thought I’d do a little appraisal of the system: how it’s fared and what we’ve learned from such a simple, effective system for happily heated water. Continue reading

Rocket stove roundup

At Milkwood Farm we love both our rocket stove water heater and our mini rocket stove, but with winter taking hold I’m dreaming of new ideas, so I thought I’d review what else is out there.

DIY rocket stove technology is exploding world-wide at the moment – here’s a couple of the treasures I’ve come across: Continue reading

How to make a mini rocket stove

Rocket stoves have become a part of our lives at Milkwood Farm. They’re hyper energy efficient, can be built out of rubbish and result in more usable heat that any other wood-burning system we’ve come across. Big love.

It doesn’t take long to be besotted – everyone who needs a wash at our farm heats the water for their showers using our fabulous rocket-powered shower water heater, which works a treat. So now we’re graduating to using rocket stoves for that article of post-shower bliss, the hot cup of tea. Enter the mini rocket stove. Continue reading

The Rocket-Powered Shower

Plan for our Rocket-Powered hot water system for the Basecamp shower + bath block

Spending all your day gathering sticks for a hot shower is just no fun. No fun at all. Mind you, anything that results in a hot shower (or even better, a hot bath) has to be considered a priority at Milkwood.

So when Nick finished converting the old ‘Sunbeam Sheep Shower’ structure (basically a new-fangled sheepdip) to a shower block with a little wood-fired, home-made firebox thingamy to heat the water for the shower and the bath, that’s what we did. Lots of stick-gathering.

The romance of wood-fired hot water quickly wears thin, however, if your water-heating system is not terribly efficient. Because this means the system requires a fair deal of wood to heat the water, which therefore releases a corresponding amount of CO2.

And also results in lots of stick gathering. So Nick went searching for the most super-efficient, super-simple and super-funky heating system idea he could find, which could then be converted to a water heating system. And thus we discovered the glory that is the Rocket Mass Heater.

Hey, there’s an update to this system! Read our Rocket Stove Water Heater Redux to have a look at this system, 2 years on…

Continue reading

Rocket Mass Heaters: Ianto Evans and Leslie Jackson

This is a great little book, and one that we used as inspiration (and practical advice) when building our Rocket-Powered Shower at Basecamp. It’s practical, straight-forward, and explains the premise and how-to of the concept clearly… and what a funky concept it is!

We look forward to many future Rocket Stove projects… the possibilities are just about endless. This title is a darn good read for anyone interested in efficient, ethical and responsible heating, cooking or drying techniques.

Where to get a copy:


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