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Get ready: we’re presenting Allan Savory in August


Milkwood is extremely excited to announce that we’re presenting Allan Savory, founder of Holistic Management, for a series of talks and seminars in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne this coming August.

Alongside our long-time collaborators Kym and Georgie of RegenAG, we’re charged with presenting Holistic¬†Management¬†for what it is: a key tool for reversing desertification and healing climate change. Right now. On this Planet Earth.¬† Continue reading

Soil Chromatography with Eugenio Gras

Soil Chromatography is both incredibly beautiful and incredibly useful, all at once. It’s a way of assessing your soil for humus, minerals, microbiology and more.

Best of all, you can do this soil assessment effectively at home – no need to send off tests to a faraway lab. Maybe that’s why soil chromatography hasn’t caught on in the western world yet – it’s a bit too DIY and open source for our patent-rich way of agriculture…

This technique was taught to us by Eugenio Gras as part of the biofertilizer workshop we just ran at Milkwood Farm. We asked all the students to bring with them a sample of soil from their home, so that they could take home their first soil chromatogram, a pictograph of what’s happening in their soil. The first of many, we hope! Continue reading

Pasture Cropping Workshop Debrief

Wow, what a day. Colin Seis in his element, explaining to 30+ folks why pasture cropping is such a big deal. Farmers, permaculturalists and agri-entreprenuers seemed to make up the bulk of the crowd.

There’s a lot of interest in this regenerative cropping technique. And so there should be. Continue reading

Holistic Management at Milkwood

A quick note as I haven’t mentioned our upcoming Intro to Holistic Management course with Kirk Gadzia that starts on the 1st of November.

>> Holistic Management with Kirk Gadzia: 1-3 November @ Milkwood Farm, NSW

Having worked side by side with Allan Savory for many years, Kirk knows a thing or two about using herbivores to heal a landscape. What’s more, he’s an amazing teacher, the likes of whom I haven’t yet encountered. So it’s a pretty special opportunity to have him back. Continue reading

Folks, This Aint Normal: Joel Salatin: Book Review

So here we have it. Folks, this ain’t normal: A Farmer’s Advice for Happier Hens, Healthier People, and a Better World. At last, after 7 self-published books on everything from ground-breaking poultry systems to inter-generational farming strategies, Joel Salatin has finally written a book aimed fair and square at the mainstream.

A self-professed Christian Libertarian environmentalist capitalist lunatic farmer, Joel Salatin is one of a kind. His family enterprise, PolyFace Farms in the Shenandoah Valley of Virgina, USA, is a unique example of profitable family ‘beyond organic’ farming. But that’s not what this book is about. Continue reading

Joel Salatin in Jamberoo

What do you get when you cram 200 people into a room with Joel Salatin to talk about awesome small-farming techniques that heal the land and create livelihoods at the same time? You get the shivers, that’s what! Or i did, anyway.

Last Tuesday we hosted a workshop with Joel on the south coast of NSW, and it was a big bag of fun… Continue reading

Joel Salatin returns to Australia

We were rather impressed with Joel Salatin when he came to Australia last year. So were one or two other people. Aside from being the most entertaining farmer that we’ve ever met, he’s really onto something. Multiple somethings, even.

To call the Salatin’s farming practices at Polyface Farms in Virginia USA ‘innovative’ is a bit of a massive understatement. Joel’s unique approach to productive small-scale farming, that focuses on great ideas, biomimicry, and what can only be called truly regenerative agriculture, are fast becoming legendary. Continue reading

May all your carrots grow long and straight: a week with Joel Salatin

Joel, Kirsten and Nick at Milkwood Farm

May all your carrots grow long and straight,
may the foxes be struck blind by your chickens,
may your customers love cooking your food in their kitchens,
may the rains be gentle on your pastures,
may your fields grow with soil,
may your earthworms dance with celebration,
may the wind be always at your back,
your children rise up and call you blessed,
and may we all leave a better world than we found…

With such a blessing did Joel Salatin close each workshop and talk he gave while in Australia on his recent RegenAG tour. And I could feel the crowd accepting that blessing with gratitude, each and every time.

We were lucky enough to run 3 public talks and 2 workshops with Joel while he was in Australia this year and I’m afraid he’s changed our outlook on agriculture, land use, land stewardship and the funkiness of farming forever. Continue reading

BioFertilizer Recipe #2: Lime Sulphur (Caldo Sulfocalcico)

Eugenio Gras, BioFertiliser maestro!

**Note: Please wear safety gear when making & using this mix as it is caustic to the skin. Ouch! Good for its intended purposes, though.

Okay so this one is not strictly a fertilizer (like our Biofertilizer recipe #1), it’s more an anti-fungal preparation. Still, anti-fungicides are something our agriculture pours millions, if not billions of dollars into every year. Some of the food you eat today will definitely have had anti-fungicides applied during the growing cycle.

So can you make a natural, low-cost version, which has no crazy side-effects? Yes, you can! And we did. While lots of people watched, who can now go home and make their own. Continue reading

BioFertilizer Recipe #1

BioFertilizer all sealed up and ready to go...

We’ve brewed up our very first batch of BioFertilizer at Milkwood! Our carefully collected, simple ingredients are all in a big vat next to the woolshed, fermenting merrily. In two months time, we should have 200 liters of concentrated fertility, ready to dilute and spread across Milkwood’s creekflat and ridge. Fingers crossed.

BioFertilizer is really a catch-all term for any liquid fertilizer that is good for your soil and which isn’t manufactured by a chemical company. We’re already working with compost tea at Milkwood to heal and build our fragile soils, and now we’re on to BioFertilizer recipes – another tool in our amoury to regenerate this landscape of ours. Continue reading


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