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The transformative power of Permablitz

At the Permaculture Design Course we just finished in Sydney, Adam Grubb got everyone truly inspired about the power of Permablitz. A good permablitz is an valuable opportunity to participate in design, community, digging, growing and learning, all in one day.

Following on from Adam’s excellent ‘How to run a Permablitz really well’ talk that he gave during his visit (video of the talk is below), there’s been a few videos come to light that really help understand just why a permablitz is so darn cool. So I thought I’d share them with you… Continue reading

PERMABLITZ info night: 16th Jan: Sydney

Join Adam Grubb of the original Permablitz crew for a fabulous and free info night on how to devise and run a great permablitz. Come along and learn skills and tricks for running a successful permablitz that your whole community can get inspired by…

This free event is for any permablitz enthusiast who wants to see successful, awesome and safe Permablitzes become a regular part of the Sydney community’s active permaculture fabric. Let’s skill up, learn from experience, get some tips, and get going! Continue reading

New Organizer’s Guides from Permablitz

As if Melbourne Permablitz crew weren’t cool enough already, they’ve now outdone themselves. They’ve released a series of organizer’s guides for running a successful permablitz really, really well.

These in-depth guides cover all the essential aspects of a great permablitz: designing, facilitating, hosting and documenting. They’re comprehensive documents and a great asset for anyone doing this sort of thing, or wishing they knew how. Continue reading

A soggy but scintillating permablitz

Last Monday we arrived at a soggy sports field early in the morning. We had a trailer-load of lucerne hay, 6 fejoa trees, masses of herbs and cuttings and one thing on our minds. Permablitz.

Would anyone else show up on such an unfriendly, rainy public holiday in winter? Unlikely. But in our heart of hearts, we hoped they would. And you know what? They did. Over 40 fabulous folks turned up to dig, plant, shovel, learn, and grow some community… Continue reading

Come to our annual Sydney Permablitz!

Join us for a fabulous day of digging, planting, learning and growing, with our annual Alexandria Park Permablitz!

10 – 4pm: Monday 13th June: Alexandria Park Community Garden, Alexandria, Sydney.

Everyone is welcome, with light lunch and organic fruit provided. Bring your gloves, your boots, your kids, your dad & your water bottle, and expect to have big day of dirty clean fun. Continue reading

The basecamp kitchen garden explosion

Putting the soil where we want it...

During the Spring Permaculture Design Certificate here at Milkwood, a funny thing happened to our basecamp garden. Somehow, it quadrupled in size. It was the most un-anticipated permablitz i have ever been a part of,  and this time (for the first time) it was at our house! Or our woolshed, to be precise.

Rosemary Morrow, the lead teacher of this PDC, had come up to me the day before and asked (in her marvelous, quiet way) if the student’s could extend our basecamp garden a bit. Of course, Rowe, I said. Continue reading

The fire and the fury: Alexandria Permablitz

happy nick

Given that we are currently teaching a PDC with 40 students in the same precinct’s community centre each weekend this winter, it seemed to make sense that we should harness some of this influx of energy and point it at the garden. So with the help of Sydney Permablitz crew we put out the word and look what happened – a truly amazing day that saw the planting of a 70m living fence, new garden beds, no-dig potato patches, a new community worm farm and the beginnings of a food forest. Catch and store energy, indeed… Continue reading

Sydney Permablitz! Monday 14th June 2010


Please join us this coming Monday for an all-out, fabulous explosion which will create biodiversity, edibility and community along the edge of a football field in Alexandria, Sydney. It’s a Permablitz! 10am-3pm on Monday 14th June: everyone’s welcome. Bring your friends, your granny and your gloves. And it’s free! A combined effort by Sydney Permablitz, Alexandria Park Community Garden and Milkwood Permaculture. Continue reading


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