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Announcing our Summer Permaculture Design Course

1410 PDC announcement - 01

This January we’re going to be christening the 107 Rooftop Garden Workshop with a Permaculture Design Course held right in the center of Sydney.

As always, it will be two weeks of intensive permaculture design that will activate a new crew of students of all stripes with the skills and knowledge to be the change their communities need!  Continue reading

Strategies for a Changing Economy – Survive and Thrive


David Holmgren and Nicole Foss are on the road delivering workshops and lectures (as well as teaching on our upcoming PDC) in the next month, with some seriously important things to say – are you ready to adapt and thrive?

“We are approaching many limits to growth over the next several decades, and are consequently facing many challenges in our immediate future.

Finance, energy, environment, resources and climate will all impact on the single-minded, one-dimensional trajectory human society has been on in our era of growth imperative.

Our current path is unsustainable. It cannot and will not continue, so we must adapt our societies in order to build a new future.  Continue reading

Permaculture futures: Seed Harvest Spoon


For many people, doing a Permaculture Design Course (PDC) can be a life-changer – whether it’s opening your eyes to a new way of seeing, living or doing, or giving you the confidence to go out and do those things.

Quite a few of our lovely PDC students end up heading on different career trajectories after doing their course, and with a whole lot of great stories to tell, we’re starting a new blog series called Permaculture Futures!

We’ll be chatting to some ex-students who have gone on to do some pretty damn inspiring things. First up – Seed Harvest Spoon.

Continue reading

Autumn PDC photos: design, eggplants and more design…


This Autumn was a special one at the farm – after a year of dry everything was suddenly green, the bees were buzzing furiously, the market garden was pumping and the chickens were laying.

And then we held our Autumn Permaculture Design Course and, along with a beautiful crew of students, turned the farm into a design studio for two weeks… Continue reading

How to plant a tree, Milkwood style

1403 pdc treeplant01 Planting a tree is a simple act. But, as we’ve learned on a site that’s sometimes less-than-welcoming to tree establishment, there’s ways, and there’s ways that work.

Last week, with our Permaculture Design Course students, we planted oak trees. And for this site, there needs to be a little more involved than poking holes in the ground and inserting acorns into them…  Continue reading

Spring Permaculture Design Course wrap…

Spring PDC 1

At Milkwood Farm we’re just recovering currently from the intensive learning, laughing and washing up of having nearly 40 fine folk on-farm for two weeks.

Here’s the short version of it all in pictures…  Continue reading

Sunset Soccer


I think this is what soccer is meant for. Maybe it’s what all sport is meant for.

To enable 13 random adults and one 4 year old to get out of their heads and run and dodge and run themselves into a panting, hooting, grinning sweat, as the sun goes down behind the hills…  Continue reading

Summer Permaculture Design Course wrap-up

1301PDC milkwood01

Wow what a January. Thank you to all the amazing Permaculture Design Course students that joined us at Milkwood Farm for two weeks of Permaculture design training, and the hottest January in Australia on record. It was all happening at Milkwood Farm!

Yes the heat was intense. But because of our elevation, we never saw the 40+ degree temperatures suffered by the rest of the country. Many watermelons were devoured, many swims were had. Much designing was done and concepts learned, resulting in some beautiful work. Continue reading

Latest PDC student designs for urban and rural permacultures

Milkwood november 12 PDC 01

We’ve just finished up our Spring Permaculture Design Certificate here at Milkwood Farm, and I thought I’d share some of the (yet again) truly impressive design work that came out of it. Some great permaculture designs for both urban and rural systems.

One of the Spring PDC students described their new understanding of permaculture as: “like a basket of tools for humanity: an intersection of biology, geology, climatology, philosophy, social justice and humanitarian issues and history, packaged into a viable way of providing needs of everyday living.” Continue reading

Pumpkin prepping, firedance and the inaugural currant

This week at Milkwood Farm we’re in full swing with our spring Permaculture Design Certificate, but of course there’s plenty else going on. Our season’s worth of tomatoes are all in the ground, the lower dam wall is being prepped for pumpkin growing (with sheep) and there’s biochar on the boil… Continue reading


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