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Growing Pearl Oyster Mushrooms in bags

Behold, for we have home-grown pearl oyster mushrooms, and you can too. The process of growing them from scratch is not that tricky once you know how, and results in a luscious harvest of fresh oyster mushrooms.

First of all, you need good spawn. For this session, our Mushroom Cultivation educator Will Borowski used a block of grain spawn that he’d grown at home, but you can buy a block of spawn if you’re not quite up to speed on that step. Here’s what to do next: Continue reading

Making fresh Reishi mushroom tea

As part of the mushroom propagation systems we’re setting up at Milkwood Farm, we’re growing reishi mushrooms, for their widely established healing properties. In China and Japan, reishi are used widely as a general health tonic and also as a specific treatment for some types of cancers.  Making tea is a simple way of accessing reishi benefits, and it tastes great too.

Actually the good taste was a surprise – all the reading i’ve done on reishi tea is that it’s bitter, but those recipes were made  from dried reishi mushrooms. At our last Mushroom Cultivation course, Will Borowski brewed up some reishi tea from fresh mushrooms – and it tasted great – somewhere between green tea and mushrooms (strangely enough)… Continue reading

Growing mushrooms in a laundry basket

Thought you might like to see a great way to grow mushrooms outdoors if you have a shady place that gets watered regularly…

This technique also works indoors, but the laundry basket is usually bagged or boxed until the straw is completely colonised with mycelium. This technique has both upsides and downsides, but most importantly, it’s easy, and gets people growing mushrooms! Huzzah… Continue reading

Growing Oyster Mushrooms in a Bucket

I think Nick might have hit apon a great way to grow oyster mushrooms at Milkwood Farm – it’s a bucket full of mushrooms!

We’ve been experimenting with various techniques for growing mushrooms (mushroom bags, mushroom beds, mushroom logs) but what we’re searching for is a technique which utilizes re-usable components, is climate appropriate for our site, and yields lots of mushrooms. Continue reading

DIY mushroom housing: research

At the moment we’re doing some serious research on how mushroom cultivation will best fit into the integrated systems at Milkwood Farm. We’re looking for options that are low-energy input, appropriate for our climate, use waste materials we have on-farm, and yield lots of yummy mushrooms!

It’s proving a little trickier than we thought. Our relatively exposed site and low humidity may not suit a more conventional mushroom house, so we’re looking at the margins of existing systems and structures to begin with… Continue reading

Permaculture with a Mycological Twist

Image © Paul Stamets

Recently I re-discovered this fabulous diagram and accompanying notes by Paul Stamets. It’s basically an outline of how to deeply integrate mycology and edible mushroom propagation into a small permaculture farm system, point by point. Thank you, Mr Stamets.

I first encountered this diagram in Paul Stamets’ most excellent book Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms. The diagram is sub titled The Stametsian Model for a Synergistic Mycosphere, so I’ll let Paul take it from here. Please read on… Continue reading

Pink Oyster Mushrooms (Happy Mothers Day!)

This morning I woke up to a delayed Mothers Day of pancakes, sticky kisses and… a bag of pink oyster mushrooms, just starting to fruit! How amazing are they?

The reason for the delay was that Nick was in Sydney teaching a mushroom cultivation workshop with Will Borowski. But it was worth the wait to gaze apon such an intriguing terrarium of awesome edible fungi all morning. They’ll obviously get a lot bigger than this shortly… Continue reading

Easy Mushroom Foraging: Slippery Jack (Suillus granulatus)

Yesterday Ashar and I went mushroom foraging at our local pine forest, just to see what there might be after a rainy day in Autumn. And look what we found! Slippery Jacks. Yum.

Continue reading

Mushroom Cultivation: Good books for Aussies

The further we get into mushroom cultivation, the more I realise just how useful and amazing fungi is. I’ve also found that it’s sometimes a little hard to find info that relates to growing edible mushrooms in Australian conditions. Finding local knowledge is crucial!

Luckily, there’s lots of resources that relate specifically to growing culinary mushrooms in Australia successfully. Which we can share with you, so you can learn too…

Continue reading

Growing Shiitake Mushrooms on Sawdust Spawn

We’re getting very excited about growing delicious culinary mushrooms at Milkwood. Ever since we ran our first mushroom cultivation course in January, they’re springing up all over the place.

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to grow them is on sawdust spawn that you can make yourself… Continue reading


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