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Visiting: Gabe’s small-scale mushroom startup

1410 gabe's mushrooms - 01

One of the most delightful things that comes out of our courses is when we hear stories months, or sometimes years, later about students heading off to start their own enterprises based on what they’ve learnt.

Even better when that comes full circle and those students start supplying us with materials to teach the next lot of students – as happened recently!  Continue reading

DIY mushroom cultivation posters


‘Packed with minerals and protein, and easy to grow at home’… too right. Home mushroom cultivation is a good idea, for everyone. You don’t even need a window in your house (though we do hope that you have one), let alone a window sill or outdoor area to grow nutrient dense, protein rich, organic mushroomy goodness…

Check out these gorgeous mushroom cultivation posters by Victor Paiam…  Continue reading


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