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First Shiitake Harvest

130831 shiitake harvest blog - 11

The shiitakes are ready! After months of waiting, we could see that the logs we inoculated were fully colonised by the mycelium.

Time to dunk them in water, give them a whack, and wait expectantly for harvest day…  Continue reading

Grower Profile: Michael Hewins, Milkwood Farm

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We think it is high time we started introducing you to the network of awesomeness that is the growers and doers we work with, and whom we take inspiration from.

These are the folks we know and love who spend their days wrangling, organising and producing clean food in small, localised food systems. So that we have alternatives to the supermarket duopoly, and so that essential farming knowledge and skills remain in our communities.

First up is Michael Hewins, Milkwood Farm’s very own mofo market gardener…  Continue reading

Milkwood in a (video) nutshell

So just what is Milkwood? Who are we? What do we do? And why do we do it? All the answers, in a  nutshell, are in this video…

This summary of Milkwood was made last season during our forest garden design intensive with Dave Jacke. We feel it really captures the spirit of what we’re doing. Do you like it?  Continue reading

Building bee resilience in the face of changing climate patterns


This Summer has been downright weird, weather-wise. Which has meant all sorts of things, for all sorts of things. Including for the bees of Milkwood Farm, and the bees of eastern Australia in general.

For the central west of NSW (Where Milkwood Farm is) it’s been a crazy dry Spring/Summer with short downpours, following on from three very wet summers. This means in turn that all the flowering patterns of many trees around us have gone somewhat skewiff, and the bees have had to adapt accordingly. Continue reading

Zucchini Flowers and general whackery

Floyd, Lawrence and Michael learning the way of Caga Tió

Happy holidays everyone! We hope you’re in the midst of some serious downtime. As it’s all about midsummer meals and cramming a year’s worth of days off into a week around here, we’ve all been hard at it.

Christmas day saw Floyd, Gigi, Michael and Lawrence (incoming market garden intern) harvesting and cooking the first ever Christmas lunch at the Tinyhouse, followed by a session with Caga Tió… Continue reading

What happens at a Milkwood Permaculture Design Course?

We’ve been fielding a lot of questions lately on what exactly a Milkwood Permaculture Design Certificate course (PDC) consists of. In short, it’s an exceptional and intensive foundation course in permaculture theory, from which students emerge with solid design skills.

The application of these design skills are broad – some people use their new knowledge to design their current (or future) farm, their suburban block, or their apartment courtyard. Some of our graduates have used what they learn overseas to design futures for their communities, some have used the design skills to re-design their businesses, and many go on to teach permaculture, in a range of community and classroom scenarios. Continue reading

Vertigation: passive injection worm juice irrigation for the kitchen garden

Anyone with compost worms knows how valuable the worm juice from their wormfarm can be as part of veggie growing. The trick is remembering to add it, and having a good method of applying it.

Last year Nick devised a way to passively add worm juice into our kitchen garden irrigation supply, via a rather clever little DIY setup. Continue reading

Making DIY steps down the side of the forest garden

It’s pretty amazing what a bunch of logs, a lot of gumption, some wheelbarrows and a couple of days digging can do. What was once a slippery slope becomes a lovely place to be – what a huge difference a home-made set of steps can make!

The core edible forest garden of Milkwood Farm is on sloping ground, and ends up against the chicken’s strawyard. And dividing the two, up until recently, has been a steep and slippery dirt track. But Trevor decided to change that, so he called our available on-farm crew together, and they set about transforming the space. Continue reading

Upcoming Market Garden Masterclass at Allsun Farm

In early September we’ll be running a 3-day Market Garden Masterclass at the fabulous Allsun Farm in Gundaroo, which will be taught by Joyce Wilkie and Mike Plane, two long-time organic market gardeners (and our mentors for the Milkwood market garden).

This 3-day class is a chance for folks with good backyard (or larger scale) vegetable growing experience to learn the ins and outs of setting up a thriving organic market garden as an enterprise – whether that be a family enterprise, a community enterprise, or whatever else your situation needs. Continue reading

Urine, Peak Phosphorous and on-farm Nutrient Cycling

So it turns out that when we go to the toilet, each of us ‘produces’ nearly 80% of the nutrients we need to grow our food. That’s quite something. If you take hold of that concept, it really does make you ask questions about why the heck we manufacture chemicals (with all the detrimental side-effects of that production) to grow food…

Recently Nick did an interview with Ollie Lavender of Sustainable Solutions Radio about this very subject, following on from his TedX Canberra talk with a similar drift. Have a listen:

Or to summarize the above podcast, fortunately there’s a lot of straight-forward, completely safe and highly doable ways that you can re-cycle your family’s nutrients back though food producing systems. With very little ick factor, even. Starting with the simple act of collecting your wee. Continue reading


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