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Designing the Warré Apiary at Milkwood Farm

Designing the Warré honeybee apiary at Milkwood Farm has taken some protracted thought and planning. As well as designing for bee health, we’re also designing for educational access and best-practice Warré beekeeping, on a slightly tricky site.

The site selected for the apiary is a good one for our climate – an E-N/E facing nook, protected from western sun and southern winds. The main challenge has been the slope, and the fact that the surrounding earthworks that protect the site also limit its access. Continue reading

New Market Garden Internships at Milkwood Farm

Market Garden internship applications for Milkwood Farm for our upcoming season are open! And apps for the first internship close on 25th June. Please read and pass this info along to whoever you think might be up for the challenge.

For the 2012-2013 season at Milkwood Farm, we’re offering a series of focused internships. These internships will provide rare opportunities for beginner farmers & permaculturalists to gain solid skills in a specific area of the emerging, diverse, dynamic and integrated small-farm system that is Milkwood Farm. Continue reading

The week that was: broadbeans, honeycomb, and a touch of garlic

We just capped off a massive week at Milkwood Farm – running our last on-farm course till next year, farewelling 6 interns, harvesting honey and braiding garlic.

Summer seems determined to skip us this year. It’s now December and we’re still in winter jackets, and eating all the soup we can. What does it all mean? I’m not sure. But no matter what the future brings, we will need to keep picking broadbeans. Of this we can be certain. Continue reading

Zuni bowls full of water, and farewelling interns

Six weeks after constructing some zuni bowls as part of our watershed restoration, our structures are full of water for the first time! Exciting to see. Continue reading

Secret Valley Adventures on a Hot Afternoon

A hot day. A secret valley. A high hill. A shady billabong. And a whole afternoon, stretching out before us.

Sometimes, you just gotta get off the farm. And go somewhere just over the ridge where the landscape rolls in a different direction, the creek contains waterholes you’ve never seen before, and different plants are flowering in the shady places…

Off to the Milkwood bush block, just down the road but a world away...

Continue reading

Making a Zuni Bowl: Let the Water do the Work

A zuni bowl is a riparian restoration technique involving rocks, water, biology and time. It’s a great way of dealing with a small headcut (or erosion which is about to become a headcut) in order to prevent that headcut continuing up your catchment.

Headcuts are not an uncommon sight in our valley’s many gullies. Many decades of clearing the land and grazing pressure have made the soils very fragile. For a long time, we’ve been scouting around for the best way to deal with them using simple, accessible materials and knowledge. And now we’re starting to find answers. Continue reading

Rocket Stove Water Heater Redux

Rocket stoves are awesome, experimental, and a knowledge stream in flux. Or ours is, at any rate. Our rocket stove water heater has been doing its thing for nearly 3 years now, so we decided to take it apart and do a full examination of how it had fared.

So Nick and our current permaculture interns set to work completely dis-mantling the rocket stove water heater and examining all its components. We made new discoveries and adjustments,  put it all back together, and then covered the whole thing with mud. Continue reading

Top tank overflow: design + implementation

On occasion, our two big water tanks at the very top of Milkwood Farm overflow. What to do with the intermittent extra water? It’s too precious to just drain away. Time to design a water catchment and planting plan to make the most of it.

Since solving this problem is both necessary and interesting, we decided to develop an intern project around it. The brief: design, implement and plant a system that makes use of intermittent excess water, shelters the intern camp and shed, and provides a useful yield. Go, you fabulous interns! Continue reading

Summer/Autumn 2012 Permaculture Internships: Open Call

Want to come and get your hands dirty while skilling-up for a future in permaculture and regenerative agriculture? Our next intern program might be just the ticket!

>> Summer/Autumn internships: 25 Jan – 18 Apr 2012 at Milkwood Farm

Big fat plug? Yes. But applications close on November 7th! And we think these internships are a downright awesome opportunity. Continue reading

Milkwood Apiary Design Brainstorm

We’ve all been a bit in love with bees around here, ever since we met Tim Malfroy. Actually I liked bees before that, but Tim got us seriously hooked.

We’re now aiming to create a truly fabulous Warré apiary at Milkwood Farm that can showcase small-farm natural beekeeping at its best. And produce many buckets of organic, ethical honey. Yum.

So Tim came to Milkwood last week and spent some time with our interns to help them design the new Milkwood apiary… Continue reading


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