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Micro Forest Garden – installation

Following on from designing a microforest garden recently, it was time to realise the design! Harris led the charge, helped by forest garden interns Minoru and Kelly, as well as all the students of the forest garden design course.

This micro forest garden was to be established on a very compacted piece of ground that had formerly been a road. Yikes. As with many plantings on this crazy patch of land of ours (read: everywhere except the creekflat), it was time to get out the crowbar to dig the holes… but it all turned out splendidly! Continue reading

Making DIY steps down the side of the forest garden

It’s pretty amazing what a bunch of logs, a lot of gumption, some wheelbarrows and a couple of days digging can do. What was once a slippery slope becomes a lovely place to be – what a huge difference a home-made set of steps can make!

The core edible forest garden of Milkwood Farm is on sloping ground, and ends up against the chicken’s strawyard. And dividing the two, up until recently, has been a steep and slippery dirt track. But Trevor decided to change that, so he called our available on-farm crew together, and they set about transforming the space. Continue reading

Milkwood Forest Garden Plantathon!

There is nothing so joyful as a large group of people coming together to plant currants. Especially when they’re doing it in a forest garden, early in Spring, when the peaches and wattles are flowering madly and the sap is rising all around.

As part of our first forest garden workshop here at Milkwood Farm, we planted out a wonderful tangle of shrubs, berries, herbs and ground covers to support our existing fruit and pioneer trees, creating lots of guild plantings to encourage a stable, resilient forest garden system in years to come. Continue reading

Our forest garden design: the future is forested and foodlike

Over the last couple of months, we’ve been cooking up a re-design of our top food forest with Harris. Once we move into our tinyhouse, this food forest will be right outside our back door. So we want to get serious about making it a gorgeous place that drips with fun and food.

Up until now, however, it’s been hard to prioritize this project over everything else (including the building of that back door), so things have been rather slow. But thanks to Harris, we now have a design. And that takes us a lot closer to realizing this particular patch of abundance. Continue reading

Food forest design time

The main food forest at Milkwood Farm sits above our tinyhouse, in a sheltered, east-facing, sloping paddock, with lots of rocky bits and a sprinkling of useful trees. Not for much longer though. We’re determined to fast-track it into an incredible, luscious forest garden, dripping with fruit, herbs and shady green nooks.

Enter Dan Harris-Pascal (Harris), our friendly plant whisperer. Harris is currently re-designing this space into an intricate, resilient and abundant forest garden that is suited to our temperate and rather challenging climate. One forest of food for us, coming right up. Or as fast as our climate will allow, anyways. Continue reading

A Forest Garden Year: DVD review

Martin Crawford’s forest garden in Devon might not be in a biosphere anything like the climate at Milkwood Farm, but it’s a project that’s been an inspiration to me for a while, nonetheless.

Martin’s forest garden is a poem of time and space and the seasons – or a big jumbly mess of green stuff, depending on how you look at it. But one thing is not debatable. That forest garden of his produces a lot of very edible food, in a very stable, resilient and low-energy input system. Like. Continue reading

Design for Life: the Food Forest DVD

I desperately want to be Annemarie and Graham Brookman. Not right away – maybe about 30 years from now. By that time I want to be sitting back and recounting our successful adventure of transforming our land from an exposed and rocky ridge into a kick-ass permaculture farm. Just like the Brookmans.

Annemarie and Graham Brookman are two of our heroes. 25 years ago they took a scruffy patch of land with scanty rainfall and, with time, good design and a heap of gumption, turned it into a viable permaculture farm that feeds their family and the community beyond. Continue reading

Visiting the Marrickville Food Forest

Deep in the heart of Marrickville, in a little street of workers cottages, right under the flight path to Sydney International Airport, there is a food forest.

A splendid wrangle of Australian rainforest food trees, sugar cane, herbs from all parts of asia, plums and even citrus, grow on a small suburban block with a little brick cottage nestled in the center. Continue reading


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