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Enter the egg mobile (start with what you’ve got)

eggmobile 02

We’ve been researching egg mobile models for a good while now, in order to figure out how best to get our small (but growing) flock of layers rotating through our paddocks, enjoying fresh pasture and laying eggs aplenty. In the end, as with most things, it came down to working with what we’ve got.

Enter the Chalet. Or the Sherman, depending on who you talk to (in reference to the sherman tank, as this thing is robustly constructed). Nick’s dad Karl kindly built us this construction a few years back, with the intention to put broiler hens in it. Now Floyd has converted it to an egg mobile of sorts, it’s proving an awesome pastured poultry unit. Continue reading

Return of the Pigs, and Floyd

The pigs are back! 6 wessex saddleback piglets, about 8 weeks old, are the new pig tractor team of Milkwood Farm. Welcome little ones.

Back is not of course the correct term as the previous 2 pigs have now been turned into everything from terrine to bacon to roast pork to feed the oscillating numbers of crew, wwoofers and students who pass through Milkwood Farm, but you get my drift.  Which brings me to Milkwood Farm’s new animal enterprise manager, Floyd. Continue reading

Making fresh Reishi mushroom tea

As part of the mushroom propagation systems we’re setting up at Milkwood Farm, we’re growing reishi mushrooms, for their widely established healing properties. In China and Japan, reishi are used widely as a general health tonic and also as a specific treatment for some types of cancers.  Making tea is a simple way of accessing reishi benefits, and it tastes great too.

Actually the good taste was a surprise – all the reading i’ve done on reishi tea is that it’s bitter, but those recipes were made  from dried reishi mushrooms. At our last Mushroom Cultivation course, Will Borowski brewed up some reishi tea from fresh mushrooms – and it tasted great – somewhere between green tea and mushrooms (strangely enough)… Continue reading


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