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New models for awesome Community Supported Agricultures (CSAs)


The capacity and creativity of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) models are growing. What used to be a simple (but noble) system of receiving a box of veggies fresh from a reasonably local farm each week is no longer the only CSA option for getting connected to your food.

But if you’re invested in picking up a box of gloriously local veggies each week, why not pastured meat also? Why not a fleece or ball of yarn? Why not local grains? The possibilities are endless, and there’s people out there already doing it… Continue reading

The Greenhorns: New Book + Resources

The Greenhorns: 50 dispatches from the new farmers movement is a collection of 50 essays by beginner farmers, and sits as a companion to The Greenhorns documentary. I seriously enjoyed this book more than anything I’ve read in a long time.

The book is loosely divided into subjects: family, crops, tools, finances, animals, access to land, part-time farming etc. All 50 of these essays areĀ  short pieces written from the heart, with all the joy and tooth-exploding frustration that is learning to farm. But it was the subtlety of some of the insights that got me the most. Continue reading


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