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Hang your bacon high…

bacon  060

Smoking bacon is not as hard as I thought it would be. And it is incredibly delicious.

Recently I was at Allsun Farm, where all pigs that pass through have a great life  tractoring  and fattening on the organic market garden vegetable leavings, and cracked pastured eggs.

Followed by their requisite one bad day. No bacon could be finer for learning to smoke…  Continue reading

Just don’t call it a Quiche, mate

egg pie1

Egg pies. They look remarkably like quiches, but can be eaten by everyone, even ‘real men’. They both taste great, especially when loaded with home made bacon, labneh (soft yoghurt cheese) and spinach, encased in a spelt crust.

Once apon a time, a few years ago, Milkwood Farm ran our first course for 50 farmers on Biofertilizer. The older generation of farmers are an interesting lot to cater for – keep it simple and preferably meaty. Don’t include too many garnishes. And best avoid the quiche. Continue reading

The art of home-made Bacon

bacon 14

As promised, here is Rose’s nitrate-free, home made way of making bacon from scratch.

I say ‘way’ rather than ‘recipe’ because it’s still in development in terms of quantities. But if you too are a tinkerer rather than a straight-up recipe follower, then come on down and join us in the glorious land of home made, DIY, no nasties, bacony goodness. Continue reading

Farm journal: mushrooms, bacon & ladybirds

This last week at Milkwood Farm we’re kicking into the swing of Spring, and welcoming new crew to the Farm. There was a Mushroom Cultivation course held, and much home-cured, home grown, nitrate-free bacon consumed (I cannot tell you the ballpark of yum this equates to. Let’s just say alot).

The Cima di Rapa is growing great guns, though the peas are taking their sweet time. There’s ladybugs out in force, not nearly enough rain, and many bees a-buzzing. At night we dream of load-bearing strawbale reciprocating roof structures, and read about weeds. Continue reading


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