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5 Great Fish options for your Backyard Aquaponics System


Setting up a good little backyard aquaponics system can ensure you’re dripping with herbs and greens on a regular basis, with the addition of an occasional home-grown fish night!

But which fish? Not all are suitable, but there’s a few key species that are especially excellent for home aquaponics setups…  Continue reading

Cafeponics: bathtub aquaponics system for a Darwin cafe

Here’s another of Floyd’s aquaponics systems that have been designed to merge economy with beauty and food production, using mostly recycled materials.

This system was made for a Darwin Cafe, to help create a customer-friendly courtyard that was serviceable yet green with the trickling sound of water, all the while producing fresh herbs for the cafe… Continue reading

Charlie’s latest Aquaponics systems (and a course next weekend)

Charlie has been busy in Sydney making beautiful and functional aquaponics systems far and wide of late, of which he’ll be sharing the designs and process during our Backyard Aquaponics Workshop happening in Sydney next weekend on the 20-21 October.

While he’s still making lots of bathtub aquaponics systems, Charlie’s also find that a lot of people want a system right next to their living space (for easy access to the veggies, herbs and the sound of trickling water), which means aesthetics is an important part of the system’s success.

Continue reading

DIY Vertical Aquaponics on the patio

Here’s a great little DIY vertical aquaponics design that Floyd has recently installed outside a studio in Darwin.

It’s a simple system, designed to transform a simple patio into a space of low-maintenance beauty that includes the sound of running water, the cooling effect of a pond, and bountiful herbs! Continue reading

Floyd’s ‘crop circle’ aquaponics system

Here’s a couple of photos of an Aquaponics system our friend Floyd recently built in Thailand. His brief was to provide fish, herbs and greens for the staff of an island-based business, on a site that was not exactly prime growing medium (read: sand)… Continue reading

Aquaponics Workshops in Sydney: aiming to truly close the loop

Just a quick note that we’ve scheduled some spring Aquaponics Workshops in Sydney, which are 2 days of intensive aquaponics how-to and why-to with Charlie Bacon (Ecolicious) + Nick Ritar (Milkwood).

While the basics of Aquaponics can be quite simple, there’s a lot of ways to do it in a way that enhances growing conditions for both fish and plants while still adhering to permaculture principles, which ensures you don’t end up with an input-heavy system disguised as a closed-loop one. Which is the kind of knowledge that this workshop is all about… Continue reading

Aquaponics as Art

When I say ‘vermiponics’ to most people i get either a blank stare or a vague nod, mostly. But artist Amy Youngs has created a vermiponics (that’s aquaponics with added worms) system that is both whimsical and functional… art and aquaponics! Continue reading

Upcoming workshop: DIY Aquaponics systems: Sydney 17-18 Dec

A quick note that we’re running an Aquaponics Workshop with Charlie from Ecolicious and Nick from Milkwood in Sydney soon, that gives you the tools you need to design your own system. Come and learn to grow your fish and salad here!

>> Aquaponics Workshop: 17-18 Dec: Sydney, NSW

Aquaponics is an emerging field of food production with extremely interesting implications. It’s scalable, it can be used all over the planet, and it offers the ability to grow a large amount of healthy food in a very small space. Plus, if you do it right, it can look truly beautiful. Continue reading

Vertical Garden meets Aquaponics

This idea combines two of my favorite urban food growing solutions – vertical gardening, and aquaponics. Can they be friends? Of course they can!

Charlie from Ecolicious in Sydney has been trialling a funky combo of these techniques in various urban gardens he’s been designing of late. Vertical growing space of edible vegies and herbs, irrigated by a solar powered pump. And beneath it all, an aquaponics system which cycles fishy nutrients to grow the plants above… Continue reading

Aquaponics at Kimbriki EcoHouse

Last weekend we ran an Aquaponics workshop in the middle of a landfill site. But a landfill site with a difference. Kimbriki is a strange little valley on the north shore of Sydney that is at once apocalyptic and regenerative. It’s a landfill site, it’s a massive composting operation, and it’s a recycling center. With added fish!

The aquaponics setup is within the gardens of the Kimbriki Ecohouse, which sits like a little oasis in the middle of a cataclysm of large machinery, trucks, noise, and the refuse of Australia’s largest city. What a nice place to spend the weekend. No really, it is. Continue reading


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