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A muster of market gardeners…

Just a few photos from the recent and awesome Market Garden Masterclass at Allsun Farm down in Gundaroo. It was so exciting to have 25 future market gardeners in the one space, all with so many skills and ambitions!

Joyce, Mike and the whole Allsun Farm crew packed us full of knowledge over three days of seeding, reading, listening, crop rotation planning, hoeing, soil blocking transplanting, broadforking and (of course) eating… Continue reading

Our first year of potato growing…

Here come the potatoes! This is the first year we’ve grown them en-mass, and we are now (finally) starting to harvest. Duch creams, Ruby Lous, Nicloas…. mmm fresh organic potatoes roasted in our own olive oil and rosemary – om nom nom…

This story starts with an encounter with a potato nerd (self proclaimed). His name is Wade, and he showed up at our last Biofertilizer course. With sacks and sacks and sacks of seed potatoes. Yay! Continue reading


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