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Hang your bacon high…

bacon  060

Smoking bacon is not as hard as I thought it would be. And it is incredibly delicious.

Recently I was at Allsun Farm, where all pigs that pass through have a great life  tractoring  and fattening on the organic market garden vegetable leavings, and cracked pastured eggs.

Followed by their requisite one bad day. No bacon could be finer for learning to smoke…  Continue reading

Crop planning with post-it notes. And moving that Greenhouse…

1309 MGM  033

Last weekend we held our annual Spring Market Garden Masterclass down at Allsun Farm, with the unstoppable forces that are Joyce Wilkie and Michael Plane.

This long weekend is always something akin to diving into Joyce + Mike’s heads, and into the crunchy whirlwind that is a small, diverse ‘garden farm’. Here’s a little of what we got up to…  Continue reading

Why Movable Greenhouses are a Great Idea

1309 movable greenhouse - 08

Movable greenhouses (on rails, skids or wheels) can be a great idea for the serious backyard grower or small-scale veggie farmer.

They’re a great way to benefit your plants, extend your growing season and avoid the potential insect and disease buildup of greenhouse growing…

Continue reading

Jam Session: Damson Plums

damson jam1

Damsons are a much-loved preserving variety of plum, and with good reason. They’re intensely beautiful with their indigo skins and pale bloom, and their astringency means that the jam they make is divine.

I was at Allsun Farm this week hosting our autumn Organic Market Garden Masterclass, and the damson tree by the back door was ready to drop. Time for a jam session, alongside the weekend’s action of growing new growers.  Continue reading

Allsun Farm in Organic Gardener Magazine

allsun article1

Without Joyce and Mike from Allsun Farm, we probably wouldn’t have a market garden. These two firey spirits have been growing good stuff and passing on their knowledge for decades. We feel lucky to know them and we love to see other folks writing about them. Continue reading

Rockin the row cover – protecting spring crops

So most of our spring seedlings are now out of their soil blocks and getting planted into the ground. But being Mudgee, there’s still plenty of frosts, which doesn’t sit well with spring veggies – time for spring row covers!

Row covers are pretty invaluable in a small setup like ours – we dont have oodles (or any) space in greenhouses to grow out veggies ’till the last frost passes, so once they’re past the seedling stage, it’s into the ground for them. Row covers help in a range of ways and are simple to construct. Continue reading

A muster of market gardeners…

Just a few photos from the recent and awesome Market Garden Masterclass at Allsun Farm down in Gundaroo. It was so exciting to have 25 future market gardeners in the one space, all with so many skills and ambitions!

Joyce, Mike and the whole Allsun Farm crew packed us full of knowledge over three days of seeding, reading, listening, crop rotation planning, hoeing, soil blocking transplanting, broadforking and (of course) eating… Continue reading

How to: create a Planting Calendar, Allsun style

I must say that while I’m finding this market garden experiment very exciting, it’s also rather daunting. What are we planting today? What are we planting next week? Where are we going? Who am i and where are my pants? The solution to all this is Allsun Farm’s planting calendar system.

Joyce Wilkie devised this garden card system firstly for her market garden at Allsun Farm, but happily she’s the kind of lady that likes to share. So she shared it with us. And now we can share it with you. It’s un-tangled everything and put us on the straight and narrow. Continue reading

Learning how to start a Market Garden

We’ve just finished hosting our first Starting an Organic Market Garden course with Joyce and Mike from Allsun Farm, and it feels like the start of a quiet revolution. 30 people for 3 days, in our woolshed and down on our creekflat, learning the basics of growing good food well. Whew!

I knew this was going to be an exciting three days. But then, I’m excited by vegetables. Especially vegetables grown in a regenerative fashion, close to home. What I didn’t think about was just what a whirlwind 30 people getting equally excited about this stuff would mean. And it meant action! Continue reading

Joel Salatin in Jamberoo

What do you get when you cram 200 people into a room with Joel Salatin to talk about awesome small-farming techniques that heal the land and create livelihoods at the same time? You get the shivers, that’s what! Or i did, anyway.

Last Tuesday we hosted a workshop with Joel on the south coast of NSW, and it was a big bag of fun… Continue reading


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