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Spring Greens at Allsun Farm

1411 Allsun course - 01

Allsun Farm’s market garden down at Gundaroo is like this little magic pocket of green in the middle of the scrub.

A secret garden you can eat, if you like.  Continue reading

Photos: Our Spring Intro to Market Gardening course

Intro to Market Gardening | Milkwood Permaculture, 13 Sep 2014.

Spring is for new beginnings, and new plans. And new gardens, too. And for learning – always learning.

This Spring was the first time we’d run an Intro to Organic Market Gardening course somewhere other than our own farm. New farms, new fields, new folks.  Continue reading

The Weekday Farmers Market as Community Activator


The first time I heard the idea of a weekend farmers market criticised by a prominent local food advocate, I was a little shocked.

The second time, it made me think. And now… Continue reading

Our 5 Fave Market Gardening tools: Allsun Farm


When it comes to learning market gardening from the experts, we think Michael and Joyce from Allsun Farm are up there with the best.

They walked us through setting up our original market garden at the old Milkwood property in Mudgee many years ago, and are still teaching our Organic Market Gardening Masterclass at their thriving productive property in Gundaroo, NSW.  Continue reading

Community Supported Agriculture at Transition Farm, VIC


The term CSA – Community Supported Agriculture – gets used a fair bit in this country, sometimes referring (incorrectly) to veggie box schemes filled with veg from far and wide.

But in reality, we have very few true CSAs in Australia; hence our limited understanding of what one is, and why they can be so valuable to their communities. Time to shine a light! Continue reading

5 fave organic market gardening tools: Michael Hewins

learning to use the seeder in the milkwood market garden

A organic market gardener’s toolkit is their best friend – the right tools can turn a 50 minute job into a five minute one.

There’s a huge range of tools that can be put to valuable use in a market garden, but there certainly seems to be a certain bunch that tend to get pulled out of the shed day-to-day and put to good use – the old faithfuls if you will.  Continue reading

Summer is DONE (but our garden is not)

garden report06

So officially, Summer is done and dusted. Which is fine with me, if it means Autumn rains aplenty. By the Milkwood Farm clock, however, we’re still right smack bang in Summer, for a few more weeks at least.

Tomatoes absolutely everywhere, corn coming on, beans about to ripen, cucurbits extra absolutely everywhere, and Surprise! more ducklings. Ah, Summer…  Continue reading

Harvest Cafe: paddock to plate, for real


The whole restaurant-with-added-market-garden is becoming a bit of a thing. And hooray for that.

Most examples I’ve seen, however, are heavy on look-and-feel, but light on actual, really truly, garden-to-plate action. Not so with Harvest Cafe in Newrybar, just south of Byron Bay.  Continue reading

Wagtail Urban Farm, Adelaide: Grower Profile

wagtail urban farm01

Ever wanted to start an urban micro-farm on that spare block at the end of your street?

Check out this stunning example: Wagtail Urban Farm - a blooming spare-block in Adelaide. Living proof that growing on rented urban land can be a very good thing.  Continue reading

Building our Greenhouse

greenhouse collage

‘Next year, we’ll build a proper greenhouse’ – how many years in a row have we said that? At least five. But at last, it’s happened.

Given the frosty conditions and temperamental weather here, a happy space for our spring seedlings to germinate and grow has been a wonderful, powerful thing. No more seed raising in the loungeroom and everywhere else they will fit! Huzzah. Here’s how we did it.  Continue reading


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