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Windowsill Farming with Microgreens


Packing a nutritional punch and super easy to grow in spaces as small as windowsills, there’s a lot to love about microgreens.

Simply put, these baby plants are vegetable, greens and herb seedlings, harvested at just a week or two old.  Continue reading

Bean Tipi: the harvest

140328 bean tipi harvest01

It’s a cubby house, but also bee forage, a shade structure for tender herbs, a plentiful source of dinner beans, and seed saving stock, too. Hooray for the Bean Tipi!

And I don’t think our summer garden will ever be without one, from this year onward. They’re far too much fun.

Continue reading

Home-grown Shiitake Logs: harvest time

140321 shiitake harvest01

Growing shiitakes on logs is a great idea for any backyard or small farm food system. Partly because after the burst of work needed at the start, you don’t need to think about them for a fair while, until they’re ready.

Then there’s the main reason that shiitake logs are a great idea. Because eventually, one rainy day, you get shiitakes. Oh so good…  Continue reading

How to: test your garden soil’s pH, and balance it for a better veggie harvest

P1020806 - Version 2

So you’re resolved to grow the best darn vegetables ever. You’re on a mission to feed your family nutrient-dense, organic, home-grown food, to stick it to the supermarket, and to hopefully have enough to share with friends and neighbours too.

Getting your soil’s pH balanced can help a lot. Here’s how to do it: Continue reading

Visiting a hillside Backyard Permaculture in Hobart…

1402 Good Life Permaculture06

This place! These people! Recently I was lucky enough to hang out at Good Life Permaculture’s HQ, based in a backyard in the hills high above Hobart, Tasmania.

Hannah and Anton are busy turning a steeply sloping backyard into a patch of edible awesome – complete with veggie beds, food forests, chooks, ducks and bees…   Continue reading

Bean Tipi Rising

bean tipi

Like everyone else I know, we’ve been meaning to make one of these for years. And this was the Spring we finally got around to erecting the inaugural Milkwood bean tipi! Huzzah.  Continue reading

Wagtail Urban Farm, Adelaide: Grower Profile

wagtail urban farm01

Ever wanted to start an urban micro-farm on that spare block at the end of your street?

Check out this stunning example: Wagtail Urban Farm - a blooming spare-block in Adelaide. Living proof that growing on rented urban land can be a very good thing.  Continue reading

3 great Urban Permaculture Books (and a giveaway)

urban permaculture books01

Here’s three great books we’ve read recently on creating resilience and abundance on the small, down the side and round the back.

They’re three very different books, and we rekon they’re all excellent resources to have on you Urban Permaculture bookshelf.  Continue reading

Intro to Urban Rainwater Harvesting


Here’s a funky little guide for getting started with DIY urban rainwater harvesting projects…  Continue reading

5 ideas to kickstart your Urban Permaculture

5 things

Think you’ve got no room to grow? Sure you do.

If you have a bathroom, a kitchen bench or just an steely resolve, you’ve got what it takes for growing urban goodness…  Continue reading


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