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After the rain…

after the rain01

The surface of the house dam was all dotted in foamy bits, and frogs were a-croaking everywhere. So we got up early the next morning, after the rain, and went on down to inspect…  Continue reading

Summer is DONE (but our garden is not)

garden report06

So officially, Summer is done and dusted. Which is fine with me, if it means Autumn rains aplenty. By the Milkwood Farm clock, however, we’re still right smack bang in Summer, for a few more weeks at least.

Tomatoes absolutely everywhere, corn coming on, beans about to ripen, cucurbits extra absolutely everywhere, and Surprise! more ducklings. Ah, Summer…  Continue reading

We went to find a Willow Tree

1401 willow tree - 01

With weaving on our minds. Yet another use for this wonderful weed…  Continue reading

The Ethics of Almost


The other day I was making a belated breakfast for myself. As I was assembling this quick meal of picnic dregs, it struck me that two of the ingredients fitted into the ‘local, ethical and awesome’ category, and one did not. So I took a photo.  Continue reading

Bean Tipi Rising

bean tipi

Like everyone else I know, we’ve been meaning to make one of these for years. And this was the Spring we finally got around to erecting the inaugural Milkwood bean tipi! Huzzah.  Continue reading

We’re in Organic Gardener Mag!

QG mag article1

The article that stemmed from an interview that Jacq from Organic Gardener Magazine came and did with us in early Spring is finally out, in their December issue!  Continue reading

Making Salt Dough Christmas Decorations


These are a great family project – it’s easy, happy, messy craft, with the bonus of ticking all your handmade, buy-nothing christmas boxes all at once. Excellent.

Continue reading

Sunset Soccer


I think this is what soccer is meant for. Maybe it’s what all sport is meant for.

To enable 13 random adults and one 4 year old to get out of their heads and run and dodge and run themselves into a panting, hooting, grinning sweat, as the sun goes down behind the hills…  Continue reading

At this time of year…

this time of year 091

We are eating pumpkin tart, and sowing seedlings. Doing rain dances, watching the skies.

Playing with sticks (for better or worse), and listening to the bees hum…  Continue reading

The Spare


We live on a rapidly changing planet, and we know the world that our children will wake up to as adults will not look like this one.

There are many reasons for this change, and many elephants in that room of many reasons. One of those reasons is our number. We are many. And every hour, we are more. Continue reading


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