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Making: Brydie’s Sneaky Sourdough (easy Low Yeast Bread)

crusty loaves - Brydie Piaf

It’s pretty hard to beat the smell of freshly baked bread at dawn…

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The many delights of Fresh Turmeric


Recently we were lucky enough to score some of the amazing, earthy sunshine that are organic turmeric rhizomes.

So much goodness in this plant! But like many harvests, when it rains it pours. Here’s what we did with ours.  Continue reading

Meet the Makers: fermenting for Sandor Katz

makers square

So when Sandor Katz lands on our shores in a few weeks, we’ll be feeding everyone who comes along to the evening talks, sessions and workshops with fermented goodness.

Crocks are bubbling across the country in readiness – thanks to the amazing chefery of Rose Newberry, Holly Davis, Joost Bakker, Rodney Dunn and more – meet our makers!  Continue reading

Apple and Juniper Kraut + Fermented Tomato Salsa


We had the best fun at the free little Fermentation workshop at the MCA last night! As promised, here’s the recipes from what got made.

Apple and Juniper Sauerkraut and that delicious Fermented Tomato Salsa…  Continue reading

Sandor Katz: the Good Doctors interview…


In readiness for joining us in a few short weeks for the Art of Fermentation with Sandor Katz tour, Sandorkraut recently recorded an interview with the Good Doctors.

As usual, the interview was a great mash of folk history, science and culture of all kinds. Have a listen here…

We’re holding a Passata Day!


We’re celebrating the harvest on January 25th with a Passata Day in Sydney – would you like to come?  Continue reading

Harvest Cafe: paddock to plate, for real


The whole restaurant-with-added-market-garden is becoming a bit of a thing. And hooray for that.

Most examples I’ve seen, however, are heavy on look-and-feel, but light on actual, really truly, garden-to-plate action. Not so with Harvest Cafe in Newrybar, just south of Byron Bay.  Continue reading

Kombucha, round one

this time of year 114

Finally it’s time to start a milkwood kombucha brew, following the donation of a mother mushroom from a friend.

We started simple, but we have vast dreams of many flavoured brews, which will adorn our every shelf and fill our tummies with fizzy fermented goodness. But first, the basics…  Continue reading

Preserving Strawberries: hello disaster, meet success

strawberries 1

It was too good to be true – a large supply of organic strawberries, and all for me. To turn into the sweetest of christmas gifts – after all, what says ‘thank you for everything’ better than a jar of exquisite, edible rubies?

Nothing, that’s what! However manifesting those jars of jewels proved trickier than I thought it would be…  Continue reading

Hang your bacon high…

bacon  060

Smoking bacon is not as hard as I thought it would be. And it is incredibly delicious.

Recently I was at Allsun Farm, where all pigs that pass through have a great life  tractoring  and fattening on the organic market garden vegetable leavings, and cracked pastured eggs.

Followed by their requisite one bad day. No bacon could be finer for learning to smoke…  Continue reading


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