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Spencer Cocoa: Chocolate with an ethical Center (and a giveaway)


It’s nearly chocolate season, my friends. But what constitutes ethical chocolate these days? It’s pretty hard to tell. Take a peek at this incredible family of chocolateers, doing it right.

In a backyard shed set in a lush vegetable garden in Mudgee is Spencer Cocoa, a single origin chocolate company with the best bean-to-bar story you’re ever likely to chew on.  Continue reading

How to make Wild Fermented Young Country Wine (it’s easy)

milkwood young country wine1

Young country wine is a simple ferment composed of fruit, sugar, water, air and time.

With the help of the naturally occurring yeasts on the skins of the fruits, these simple ingredients can be transformed into a delicious good-time brew…

Continue reading

Home-grown Shiitake Logs: harvest time

140321 shiitake harvest01

Growing shiitakes on logs is a great idea for any backyard or small farm food system. Partly because after the burst of work needed at the start, you don’t need to think about them for a fair while, until they’re ready.

Then there’s the main reason that shiitake logs are a great idea. Because eventually, one rainy day, you get shiitakes. Oh so good…  Continue reading

How to go Mushroom Foraging this Autumn (if you live near Sydney)

‘Tis the season to go shrooming! Autumn is the time of year that all the pine mushrooms pop their heads up on the forest floor, offering a feast of fungi goodness.

But how do you do it? How do you know what to pick and what to avoid? Aha. There are ways, my friends. And here’s two good ones…  Continue reading

Sandor Katz in Hobart: Workshop photos


A room full of Hobart’s chefs, bakers, brewers, farmers and current and would-be fermenters. A large amount of vegetables. Jars and graters and chopping boards everywhere.

And, then, the descent into kraut-laden chaos…  Continue reading

Country wine, veggies everywhere and tempeh Sandor…


So this week has been a little crazy. There’s been farm vegetable harvests, amazing fermentation action, backyard veggies learning and a tempeh version of Sandor Katz’s head to deal with…

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Solar Cooking: Blackberry Muffins


Summer and blackberry foraging go hand in hand. And alongside them goes the heat of the season. Better make the most of it! Solar cooking time.

The tinyhouse on a hot day is a delicious little envelope of coolness that I would not mess with for the world. And we only have a woodstove anyways, so baking is out. Commence solar cooking experiments…  Continue reading

Snacks for Salty Sea Dogs: Foraging Pigface


Why this awesomely tangy, sweet/salty native fruit hasn’t taken the world by storm is beyond me. Or maybe it’s a good thing, for us foraging types.

I’d like to introduce you, if you’ve not already met, to Carpobrotus glaucescens - the variety of pigface that grows on the sand dunes and costal cliffs of eastern Australia.  Continue reading

Photos from our Passata Day


Here’s some photos from the downright awesome Passata Day we had on the weekend.

It was a beautiful, hands-on, all-in day of tomatoes, squishing, bottling, boiling, waiting, playing dominoes, eating, drinking, learning and community…  Continue reading

Check out this Farm Gate Raw Milk Dispenser


How good is this farm gate idea? Raw milk, fresh from the farm the dispenser stands on, available to anyone who cares to come along and bring a bottle – 24/7.

You little ripper.  Continue reading


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