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Madeira Vine: an ironic Harvest

1407 madeira vine - 01

Now that we’re gardening in a frost-free area we have to get acquainted with a new bunch of sub tropical-ish weeds. This week, it’s been all about the Madeira Vine. In our new garden, the stuff is everywhere.

Look up Madeira vine and you will find gazillions of references to its invasive and terrible habits. But did you know that it’s edible?  Continue reading

A Fab day of Fermenting (and a Kimchi recipe)


A few Sundays back, we took over a guestaurant in Redfern to get messy. Cabbage was chopped, vegetables were brined, milk was kefir-ed, kombucha was drunk and much was learned.

All in the glorious undertaking of learning how to use fermentation to make healthful and seriously delicious stuff out of simple fresh ingredients. Triple yum.  Continue reading

Resources for new foragers

adam + annie from Eat That Weed

There may be no greater kick you can get than that twinge of excitement when you come across food ripe for the foraging.

Whether it’s a loaded lemon tree hanging over your neighbour’s fence, weeds run rampant in a spare paddock nearby, a forest filled with pine mushrooms or a blackberry bush by the side of a quiet road, there’s a lot of joy in stumbling across food freebies.  Continue reading

Foraging: Warrigal Greens


Warrigal Greens (Tetragonia tetragonioides) are also known as Botany Bay Spinach or Sea Spinach, and grow wild along the coast of Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Japan and Argentina.

If you’re in these parts, you can find it where the sand meets the soil, or you can cultivate it too – it’s a hardy and delicious addition to any garden.  Continue reading

Exploring the new Hood


And here’s where we’ve landed – in the rolling hills and hidden coves of the South Coast. We’ve dived straight into exploring, foraging and getting a feel for the lay of the land…  Continue reading

Making Water Kefir (how to get your household hooked on probiotic soda)


We’re loving learning the techniques of getting living foods into our diet, and one of the easiest to master is the fast-turnaround ferment of water kefir (also known as tibicos).

This yummo probiotic soda requires very little effort, minimal waiting time, and is just asking for some  experimentation with the huge range of flavors you can work into it.  Continue reading

Making Biltong for the first time


What do you get when you leave a paleo, a gypsy and a South African alone in the Milkwood Farm kitchen for 5 minutes? Plans for making Biltong, that’s what.

Biltong is a South African delicacy composed of salted, spiced dried meat that is super easy to make at home. And now we’re all a little bit addicted.  Continue reading

All of Summer is now stored…


There comes a point in every Autumn when the tomatoes are finally, finally done. We’ve passata-ed and dried and preserved and cooked to the point where all of summer is stored, and on the shelf.

Last weekend was our final session of tomato squishery (and drying) before the garden gets packed down for its winter sleep beneath the frost…  Continue reading

Spencer Cocoa: Chocolate with an ethical Center (and a giveaway)


It’s nearly chocolate season, my friends. But what constitutes ethical chocolate these days? It’s pretty hard to tell. Take a peek at this incredible family of chocolateers, doing it right.

In a backyard shed set in a lush vegetable garden in Mudgee is Spencer Cocoa, a single origin chocolate company with the best bean-to-bar story you’re ever likely to chew on.  Continue reading

How to make Wild Fermented Young Country Wine (it’s easy)

milkwood young country wine1

Young country wine is a simple ferment composed of fruit, sugar, water, air and time.

With the help of the naturally occurring yeasts on the skins of the fruits, these simple ingredients can be transformed into a delicious good-time brew…

Continue reading


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