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The 2015 Permaculture Calendar is go!

2015 Permaculture Calendar - 5

Hooray for the 2015 Permaculture Calendar! Once again the crew at have created a beautiful and intimate calendar that is packed with useful info and also just plain lovely to have on your wall.

And yes, it also has the best cover boy of all time (not that we’re biased or anything) – namely our little dude, harvesting shiitake mushrooms from our home patch.  Continue reading

Pip Magazine is live – get your permaculture on

140326 pip mag1

Hey great news – Australia has it’s very own, brand-spanking new Permaculture Magazine. It’s called Pip, and we love it.

Pip is going to come out twice a year (to begin with) and offer a stack of info as well as glimpses into fabulous permaculture gardens, projects, people and more…

Continue reading

3 great Urban Permaculture Books (and a giveaway)

urban permaculture books01

Here’s three great books we’ve read recently on creating resilience and abundance on the small, down the side and round the back.

They’re three very different books, and we rekon they’re all excellent resources to have on you Urban Permaculture bookshelf.  Continue reading

2014 Permaculture Calendar is Out! Would you like one?

1309 permaculture calendar - 1

Huzzah. The 2014 Permaculture Calendar is out – and it’s a beauty. This year, it even includes a funky (and very useful) moon planting guide within.

In celebration of this fine publication, we’ve got a few copies to pass on…  Continue reading

Holy Shit: a book review


What is most intriguing to me about this little book is that, once again, good writing has allowed me to re-discover a subject that I thought I had it together on.

I mean, we farm naturally at Milkwood. We know and we love and we dig manures. Regularly, even. Yet, reading this really excellent book, I’m reminded again of just how important and essential it is to cycle manures as part of replenishing what we take from the earth. And how completely we’ve forgotten that in the last 100 years.

And how urgently we need to get our shit together on this subject, quicksmart… Continue reading

3 great Mags doing food with guts

3 mags

Food is politics is culture. Food is hot, and not just out of the oven – it’s a lens and a metaphor and a microcosm and an ethical battleground and… yeah, I know you know. It’s big.

In the last short while I have found 3 rather mind-blowing publications about food which treats it with the enormity of implications that the stuff we munch deserves. Light on recipes, heavy on context. I’m excited they exist, so I thought I’d let you know about them…  Continue reading

The Bee People: free e-book

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 8.36.25 PM

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 8.35.13 PM

The Bee People was written by Margaret Warner Morley in 1905 as a book for children about honeybees; their biology, their social habits, their work as pollinators, and their honey. I picked it up as a curiosity but you know what? It’s a pretty solid bee book for kids.  Continue reading

Allsun Farm in Organic Gardener Magazine

allsun article1

Without Joyce and Mike from Allsun Farm, we probably wouldn’t have a market garden. These two firey spirits have been growing good stuff and passing on their knowledge for decades. We feel lucky to know them and we love to see other folks writing about them. Continue reading

Honeybee Democracy & The Sacred Bee: two great bee books


Bees deserve more study than they get, seems to me. No matter if you’re a budding beekeeper or just a responsible citizen, these ladies and their ongoing work are responsible for one in every three bites of food we eat. They deserve both our joyful respect and a deeper understanding.

The two books above are top of Tim Malfroy’s list of essential bee texts, and this summer we’re reading them, and gleaning much goodness. Continue reading

Urban Farming Guidebook: new resource

urban farming guidebook5

The Urban Farming Guidebook is a free pdf resource for helping local governments to plan the growing of food in their cities. Given that we’re all about bottom-up action, we feel that it’s best placed in the hands of potential growers, so they can get on with creating local food systems!

And that means you. This guide was written for Canadian councils in BC, but that doesn’t make it any less interesting, or useful, for the rest of us. There’s 4 case studies of successful urban farms in BC, and plenty of inspiration and workable ideas for more… Continue reading


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