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Green Day Out: August 23rd in Balmain

1407 green day out - 1

Do you live in Sydney? What are you doing on Saturday the 23rd? Come play with us at the Green Day Out!

It’s going to be a great day of kid-friendly stalls, workshops – and I’ll be making seedballs with whoever wants to learn…  Continue reading

Help us build The Open Food Network!

Ok folks, we’re excited about this one: an Aussie-initiated open source food network dedicated to connecting producers with consumers, every which way you can imagine.

Yes, I know. There are a lot of these kinda ideas out there. They’ve all got their hearts in the right place. But we rekon THIS ONE has not only legs, but some seriously amazing potential.  Continue reading

SE Permaculture Convergence this August…


Hey folks of South East New South Wales persuasion…. do you know about this excellent weekend gathering coming up?  Continue reading

Time Banking with Onion River Exchange

Onion River Time bank1

Never has the saying ‘time is money’ been truer than when it comes to this community-based alternative currency idea.

Members of a Time Bank exchange goods and services without money; using their own time instead as the currency, on the presumption that my time is just as valuable as your time…. Continue reading

Inhabit: great looking Permaculture doco Kickstarter

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 11.18.32 am

We thought we’d share this one with you as it looks pretty darn fine.

INHABIT is a film project by Costa Boustikaris and Emmett Brennan, based in the Northeastern regions of the United States. It’s a doco about permaculture and features many farmers, practitioners and designers that we think are awesomesauce.  Continue reading

Volunteer position available at Common2Us

Common@Us in Dural

Just a head-up that Common2us, an organic market garden at Dural on the northern edge of Sydney, is offering an on-farm ‘residential’ volunteer position.

If you’re interested in learning about organic agriculture, specifically market gardening in a real ‘hands in the dirt, feet on the ground kinda way’, this might just be the opportunity you’ve been looking for

Interested? Give Michael Hewins a call on 0468451591 for further details. Thanks!

Permaculture Teacher Training Scholarship!

scholarship 4x3

We want to support and grow more teachers – people that will grow to be like dandelion seedheads, distributing seeds of knowledge far and wide.

Seeds that will one day put down roots, hold the soil in place, decrease compaction, increase biomass, provide food and medicine, and help to regenerate the landscapes and communities around them.  Continue reading

Cropfest: celebrating the wonky veg: Sydney, March 28

CropFest Facebook

Cropfest is all about celebrating the three legged carrot, the eggplant with a nose and all those perfectly good veggies which don’t make it to market because they don’t ‘look right’.

It’s going to be a big evening of hands-on cooking classes, live music and making merry, right in the heart of Sydney…  Continue reading

Photos from our Passata Day


Here’s some photos from the downright awesome Passata Day we had on the weekend.

It was a beautiful, hands-on, all-in day of tomatoes, squishing, bottling, boiling, waiting, playing dominoes, eating, drinking, learning and community…  Continue reading

We’re holding a Passata Day!


We’re celebrating the harvest on January 25th with a Passata Day in Sydney – would you like to come?  Continue reading


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