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Farming Edible Insects (Hello, Zero-footprint Protein)


Protein can be a wee point of contention sometimes. Talk to most about food production and our environment and you are likely to come across the discussion of meat.

As you no doubt know, much of the animal protein we eat produced in Australia is responsible for the use of exorbitant amounts of water, and not-so-great levels of methane emissions.

And then there’s a very big humane argument to be had…  Continue reading

Visiting The Agrarian Kitchen in New Norfolk, Tasmania

Agrarian Kitchen12

What a gorgeous place this is – bursting with organically grown food, fruit, herbs and animals, and boasting the prettiest cooking school we ever did see.

Just when I thought Tasmania couldn’t get any better…  Continue reading

Visiting Buena Vista Farm (and an upcoming course there, too)

buena vista 03

Perched on green headlands with rich volcanic soil below, mountains behind and the wide blue of the Pacific out front, Buena Vista Farm is a pretty special place.

And as a bonus, it’s peopled by an awesome young farming family producing beyond organic food for their community, and doing it with a smile…  Continue reading

Check out this Farm Gate Raw Milk Dispenser


How good is this farm gate idea? Raw milk, fresh from the farm the dispenser stands on, available to anyone who cares to come along and bring a bottle – 24/7.

You little ripper.  Continue reading

Muscovy Ducks: a great homesteading breed


Why are muscovy ducks so awesome? Let me count the ways…

They’re quiet and friendly, they hunt flies (seriously), are hardy in all weathers, and produce fabulous eggs and the best duck meat ever. Convinced yet?  Continue reading

Rooftop Chickens

Rooftop girls

Chickens are an excellent addition to any small-scale growing system, if you have the space. They recycle green waste and produce two very valuable things for the small-scale gardener: fresh eggs, and chicken manure.

In a rooftop garden scenario, there’s no reason that chickens can’t still be a valuable part of the growing system. A great example is at Eagle Street Roofotop Farm in NYC, where Nick recently hung out with some high-rise chickens…  Continue reading

New Allan Savory podcast & a free webinar

We are getting pretty excited about welcoming Allan Savory to Australia in a couple of weeks to enliven a discussion about how Holistic management can play a key role in our future land regeneration strategies.

In anticipation of his upcoming Aussie tour, Allan just recorded a podcast over at The Wellness Couch. It’s great to see the concepts of Holistic Management getting discussed in forums beyond straight-up agriculture, because, after all, ‘if you eat, you’re involved’Continue reading

‘This is Not a Doomsday Talk': Allan Savory’s address to the Savory Institute International Conference

2629994228_01cdce79a0_o (1)

Perhaps you have seen Allan Savory’s recent TED talk on Greening the Desert. Perhaps you have heard of Holistic Management, or worked on a farm that uses this technique. Or perhaps your main connection to farming is that you prefer to eat clean food from regenerative sources.

Wherever you’re coming from, I encourage you to go put the kettle on and take 5 minutes to read this address, that Allan Savory gave last week at the first International Conference of the Savory Institute, which we’ve printed below with permission, and with thanks.

And then come to one of our Allan Savory Australian Tour events in August, and keep talking. Because we all need to have this conversation, right now.  Continue reading

Get ready: we’re presenting Allan Savory in August


Milkwood is extremely excited to announce that we’re presenting Allan Savory, founder of Holistic Management, for a series of talks and seminars in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne this coming August.

Alongside our long-time collaborators Kym and Georgie of RegenAG, we’re charged with presenting Holistic Management for what it is: a key tool for reversing desertification and healing climate change. Right now. On this Planet Earth.  Continue reading

3 days at Polyface Farm

1306 Polyface - 01

It’s the pace of everything, that gets you most of all – everyone is busy – doing a task that needs to be done, right now, then walking purposefully to the next task, which also needs to be done.

Joel Salatin often describes the interaction between his rotational beef grazing and egg mobile systems as ‘ballet of the pasture’ – a slow dance of animals circling, shifting and moving in precise relation to each other, to create a symphony of regenerated land and outputs of ‘beyond organic’ protein.

What Nick witnessed in the time he was at Polyface this last week, however, was more a ballet of the entire farming system. But to a faster beat.  Continue reading


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