Upcoming: Mushroom Cultivation Workshop

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Do you want to learn the way of the ‘shroom? It’s quite within your capacity, really. Like many DIY projects, once you get going with the right advice and know-how, things get growing!

We’re running a Mushroom Cultivation Workshop on 16 – 17 November in Sydney to skill folks up in the many ways you can get your mushroom on, at home. 

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In this course, Nick will be covering the whole trajectory of taking store-bought mushrooms and cloning them into a lifetime supply for your family in a variety of ways.

Nick will also cover how to make a great shiitake log, and the  art of growing mushrooms in bags and in buckets.

The great thing about home-grown mushrooms is that once you understand the basics, there’s lots of options for growing that can fit to your particular space, and the time you have to dedicate.

You can also jump onto the mushroom cultivation timeline at a point that suits you.

Want to do the full box and dice? We can teach you how to take store-bought mushroom all the waythrough cloning and spawning, to your first home-grown harvest.

Too busy for all that, and just want a short-cut to making heaps of mushroom bags?

You can jump in at the spawn stage, but still save money by buying good spawn and distributing that into more bags or buckets of substrate, to fruit yourself.

Don’t like plastic bags? Learn how to make a mushroom garden, or shiitake log cultures… there’s mushroom growing techniques for everyone…

Hopefully one day these skills will be in every family and community, but until then, we feel its our job to teach it well and skill folks up.

So if you like the idea of being “the mushroom person” (or the fun-gi) of your patch, come and join us, to have fun learning how.

More info about our Mushroom Cultivation Workshop: 16 – 17 Nov: Sydney here…

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>> More articles and how-tos on Mushroom Culitvation


  1. fraseroldmillroad
    Posted October 3, 2013 at 6:09 am | Permalink | Reply

    Oh ho nice little dad-joke there I’ll be using that one.

  2. Posted October 3, 2013 at 2:48 pm | Permalink | Reply

    As for Dad jokes I think Mike Whitney nailed it when he was up at Milkwood… “You can even do it in a small urban courtyard, infact you don’t need mush room at all”… sigh.

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