New book: Tiny Homes, simple shelter by Lloyd Kahn

This is my favorite tinyhouse book that the moment. Even in the age of instant access to a gazillion glossy photos of natural building, tinyhouses and all the rest, this publication stands apart as a book worth having, because of its composition and its coming together of so many different strands of knowledge and knowing.

It’s written by one of the great publishers of natural building, Lloyd Kahn, who back in 1973 wrote the seminal Shelter, a user-friendly overview of traditional building techniques from across the globe. Tiny Homes is both a progression of that book, but also an important book for where natural building is at, right now.

>> Tiny Homes – Simple Shelter by Lloyd Kahn at Amazon

> Tiny Homes – Simple Shelter by Lloyd Kahn at Shelter Publications

I dont know about you but when i pick a book like this up nowadays my brain says ‘couldn’t i just find all this info online?’ – and occasionally the other part of my brain says ‘no, actually you can’t, not like this – this is awesome’…

I love the in-depth nature of the vignettes of each build, how Kahn has chosen what to include, and what not to include about each one. It’s got a scapbook-and-conversation feel… and it re-affirmed to me why we’ve tried so hard these last five years to build our own tinyhouse in the way that we have…

Lloyd Kahn catalogs and maintains his many, many links to tinyhouse building at

>> More tinyhouse ideas and stories at


  1. benny
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    • Posted August 10, 2012 at 2:02 pm | Permalink | Reply

      Love this joint – could be on our place, the landscape is so similar… must be just up the road from us i rekon…

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